The Ultimate Guide to Lash Extensions Aftercare | Improving Lash Retention & Avoiding the Risk of Infection

We all adore the full, fluffy lash look that your clients leave your salon with, but unfortunately, it’s not going to last forever. However, there are some ways your clients can prolong the life of their lash extensions! To ensure they last and maintain their beauty, proper aftercare is crucial. This guide will provide you with all the essential information your clients will need for the best eyelash extension aftercare!

lash shampoo on a mascara wand

Understanding the Importance of Aftercare

If your clients aren’t cleansing their lashes at least once a day, then they need to! Practicing proper aftercare not only helps the lashes look gorgeous and fuller for longer for your client's sake, but is also super helpful for when they come back for a lash infill as more lashes will be intact - saving you time, and your clients money! The longevity and appearance of lash extensions largely depends on the care they receive post-application. Proper aftercare also ensures that the natural lashes stay healthy too!

Daily Cleansing is Key

Dirt, oil, and makeup residue can accumulate at the lash line, leading to potential issues like blepharitis and eyelash mites. Here's some advice that you can give your clients to ensure their lashes remain pristine:

Use a lash shampoo: Cleansing the lashes is an absolute must, and it’s something that you need to stress to your clients as many still follow outdated advice. Back in the day, when using real mink lashes was the norm, lash extensions weren’t waterproof like they are now. Meaning the advice offered back then was drastically different from what it is today, but as we now use synthetic fiber, it’s vital that your clients wash their lashes! 

It’s important that your clients use a gentle foaming lash shampoo that will thoroughly cleanse without causing harm. The London Lash Foaming Lash Shampoo is specifically formulated for lash extensions; meaning this cleanser is a game-changer for retention. It's gentle on the eyes, ensuring no irritation, whilst still effectively removing dirt, oil, and makeup residue. Its unique formula ensures that the adhesive bond remains strong, and the extensions stay in place for longer.

London Lash foaming shampoo for lash extensions

How to use the cleanser: Begin by wetting the eyes with lukewarm water, then pumping a small amount of the eyelash extension cleanser onto a lash brush and gently massage onto the eyelids and lashes in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry with a soft towel. It’s important to remind your clients that regularly cleaning their lashes with this cleanser can prevent any makeup, dirt and oil buildup, which will decrease the chances of infection. 

Apply with a mascara wand: For a more thorough cleanse, especially if your clients wear eye makeup, dip a mascara wand into the lash cleanser and brush through the lashes from base to tip. This ensures that every lash, including those tiny Volume lash fans, are cleaned effectively.

For best results, cleanse the lashes every day. If your client wears heavy eye makeup, then they should consider cleansing twice – once to remove the makeup and once to clean the lashes and lash line.

Cleansing the lashes with lash shampoo on a lash brush

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Oils can weave their way in between the lashes and the glue bonds, causing them to weaken. Therefore, it’s always best to encourage your clients to opt for oil-free makeup, makeup removers, and skincare. If they're unsure if a product is oil-free, then they can check the product's ingredients list for more information about its contents. You can also check out our blog ‘How to Wear Makeup Without Ruining Your Eyelash Extensions’ for more advice. 

Brush Daily

Just as you would brush your hair to prevent tangles, the same goes for lash extensions. So advise your clients to use a clean mascara wand to gently brush their lashes every morning and evening. This keeps them looking fresh and prevents any crisscrossing.

brushing lash extensions with mascara wand

Sleeping Habits Matter

Advise your clients to try to sleep on their backs to avoid displacing their lash extensions. If they’re a side or stomach sleeper through and through, then you could suggest that they consider using a silk or satin pillowcase, as these materials cause less friction and are gentler on the extensions. 

Avoid Excessive Touching

We get it; it's tempting for your clients to touch and feel their new lashes, but they need to resist! The more they touch them, the more oils from their fingers will transfer to their lashes, which can negatively affect the glue bonds after some time. Obviously, if your client is a serial picker, then their lashes are going to fall out! So instead, why not recommend an alternative treatment, such as a lash lift?

lash extensions falling out

Regular Maintenance Appointments

To keep your clients’ lash extensions looking their best, advise them to schedule regular infill appointments. This ensures that you can revive their lashes, and any loose or outgrown extensions can be replaced, maintaining a full and lush appearance.

Beware of Eyelash Mites and Blepharitis

As scary as they might sound, don’t panic, because they’re easily avoidable! Unfortunately, these conditions can occur if proper hygiene isn't maintained. Regular cleaning with a lash cleanser can effortlessly prevent these issues! However, if a client contacts you about them experiencing itching, redness, or inflammation of their eyes, make sure to direct them straight to a medical professional so they can seek the right treatment. You can learn more about the consequences of not cleaning lash extensions here!

Educate Your Clients

For Lash Technicians, it's essential to educate your clients on proper aftercare. We recommend providing them with an aftercare kit that includes a foaming lash shampoomascara wand, and a handy aftercare card. This not only ensures they have the right products, but also helps to emphasize the importance of aftercare. It’s also a good idea to post educational content on your socials too, as this reinforces the importance of aftercare and cleanliness - you can even share our content, we don’t mind!

Lash extension aftercare leaflet

While eyelash extensions can elevate one's look, they also require care and attention to maintain their beauty. By following this ultimate guide, as a Lash Tech, you can ensure that your clients' lashes remain gorgeous and last for as long as possible. Remember, the key to amazing retention lies in proper hygiene, using the right products, and regular maintenance. Keep up with the London Lash blog and socials for more expert advice and top-quality lash products to keep your clients’ lash extensions in pristine condition!