The Difference Between Lash Extension Curls and How to Use Them 

As a beginner, a huge selection of lash curls may scare you at first, but trust us, they aren’t as daunting as they seem. Think of them like individuals, each with their own personalities and traits. When you’re mapping a set of eyelash extensions, with the myriad of lash curl options available, it can be a tad overwhelming to choose the right one. Here at London Lash, we believe in empowering our fellow Lash Techs with knowledge. So, let's delve into the wonderful world of lash curls to understand their differences and when you should use them!

Soft and fluffy lash extensions

Lash Curl Profiles

Before we take you through each and every one of our stunning lash curls to date, check out our lash curl chart below!

J-Curl: The Natural Look

The J-Curl is the most natural-looking lash curl. It mimics the natural curve of most people's lashes, making it a perfect choice for those who want a subtle enhancement.

How to Use: Ideal for clients who have straight lashes and are looking for a slight lift without going too dramatic.

B-Curl: The Soft Curve

Slightly curvier than the J-Curl, the B-Curl offers a soft and gentle lift. It's the middle ground between natural and dramatic, making it versatile for various eye shapes.

How to Use: Great for clients who have a slight natural curl and want to add a bit more definition.

C-Curl: The Classic Curl

The C-Curl is a popular choice among Lash Technicians. It’s super versatile and offers a noticeable curl that opens up the eyes, giving your clients a refreshed and voluminous look.

How to Use:Perfect for clients who have downward-facing lashes and want a noticeable lift.

CC-Curl: The Enhanced Classic

A step up from the C-Curl, the CC-Curl provides a more pronounced curl, making the eyes appear even more open and enhanced.

How to Use: Suitable for clients who love the C-Curl but are looking for a bit more drama.

Lash curls diagram

D-Curl: The Dramatic Flare

For those who love a dramatic look, the D-Curl is the way to go. It provides a fabulous lift and curl, making the eyes pop and really stand out.

How to Use:Best suited for clients who want a bold and glamorous look.

L-Curl: The Lifted Base

The L-Curl has a straight base and a sharp upward curl, making it perfect for clients with hooded eyes or those who want a high lift without the dramatic curve.

How to Use: Ideal for clients with hooded eyes or those who have straight lashes but want a significant lift at the tips.

M-Curl: The Mega Lift

The M-Curl is characterized by its sharp upward curl, which gives a mega lift to the lashes. It's excellent for those who want maximum elevation without the extreme curve.

How to Use:Ideal for clients with straight lashes that need a significant lift.

LC-Curl: The Gentle Lift

The LC-Curl offers a nice blend of the L and C curls, providing a gentle lift with a soft curve. It's a versatile choice that suits many eye shapes, especially those looking for a moderate lift and curl.

How to Use: Best for clients who desire a balanced lift and curl, without going to the extremes.

Lash curl chart

The Extreme L-Curl: The Ultimate Flick

The newest addition to the London Lash family, the Extreme L-Curl takes the L-Curl to the next level, offering an even more sharp, snatched, and pronounced look. It’s perfect for those who want a dramatic Fox Eye, Cat Eye, Arrow Eye, or eyeliner look.

How to Use: Best for clients who desire a dramatic and defined lift, especially at the outer corners.

L curl vs extreme l curl lash extensions

Can You Mix Lash Curls?

Absolutely! Mixing lash curls may have been seen as an innovative approach, but is now becoming the norm for Lash Artists who want to craft a bespoke look tailored to individual preferences and eye shapes. By blending different curls, you can achieve a multi-dimensional effect that adds depth, volume, and flair. For instance, starting with a C-Curl as a base and introducing some D-Curl lashes can add drama, while sprinkling in some B-Curl lashes can offer a softer blend.

The key is understanding the desired outcome and strategically placing the mixed curls for the best effect. It's not just about the curl type; the length of the lashes also plays a pivotal role in the final look. While it's exciting to experiment, it's essential to maintain a balance and not overcomplicate the mix. Always consult with your client and offer expert advice to ensure a captivating yet cohesive look.

Which lash curl to choose

Choosing the right lash curl is essential for achieving the desired look. Remember, the key is to match the curl to the client's natural lash shape, eye shape, and desired look. So, next time you're in doubt, refer to this guide or consult with our amazing Customer Service team to find the perfect fit! It’s important to note that our lash curls may be different from other brands, so be aware of that. Every lash brand’s products are unique in their own way! Check out our wide range of gorgeous lash extensions that are developed by expert Lash Technicians, for incredible and talented Lash Technicians like yourself.