The Difference Between Natural, Wispy, and Mega Volume Hybrid Lashes | 3 Free Lash Maps

Hybrid lash extensions are among the most popular lash styles that clients ask for as they are super versatile.  When clients are unsure whether to choose Classic or Volume lashes, or want to amp things up with their regular lash set, Hybrids are the one to choose! Offering a blend of Classic and Volume lash extensions, they cater to a wide range of preferences. Whether your client is seeking a natural enhancement or a dramatic transformation, Hybrid lashes will deliver. In this post, we'll delve into three variations of Hybrid lashes: Natural Hybrid lashes, Wispy Hybrid lashes, and Mega Volume Hybrid lashes. Let's explore how to achieve each look and offer your clients the best of both worlds!

hybrid lash extensions

What Are Hybrid Lashes?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a fusion of Classic and Volume lash extensions as they provide a fuller appearance than Classic sets but are not quite as full as Volume sets. This versatility makes them a favorite among clients who desire a balanced look. With various styles available, as a Lash Technician, you can customize each Hybrid lash set based on your client's preferences and their desired outcome. When it comes to creating a set of Hybrid lashes and deciding the ratio of Classic lashes to Volume lashes to use, it’s not always a case of applying 50% individual lashes, and 50% Volume lash fans -  in fact, it’s quite the opposite! 

Depending on what your client is looking for with the end result, you can tailor the amount of individuals and fans you use, and even adapt your prices for this too. Technically, it wouldn’t make sense for one client to pay the same price for a Hybrid lash set of mostly Classic lashes, as another who gets nearly all Volume lash fans. The treatments will be more time-consuming and will require more product than others. If you want to promote this on your site or in your booking policies, it’s a good idea to specify a few variations of Hybrid sets, for example, Natural Hybrid lashes, Regular Hybrid lashes, and Dramatic Hybrid lashes. Not only will these terms be simple for your clients to understand, but then you can accurately gauge how long each set will take and alter your prices accordingly. Let’s get into the three types of Hybrid lashes - from soft glam to bold drama! Psst, there are three free lash maps ahead…

What hybrid lash extensions are

If you want a more in-depth look at what Hybrid lashes are, our Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions will tell you all you need to know!

Natural Hybrid Lashes

Natural Hybrid lash extensions are ideal for clients who want a subtle enhancement. This style combines individual Classic lashes with light Volume fans, typically using 0.10 or 0.07 diameter lashes. The result is a soft, feathery look that's not overly dramatic but still adds a touch of glamor. It's essentially the perfect "your lashes but better" look, so if your client is seeking a subtle but enhanced look, this is the one to go for! Lash mapping for this style focuses on evenly distributing Classic lashes and Volume fans to achieve a balanced appearance.

Key Takeaway: For an even softer finish, consider using brown lash extensions. They provide a gentle contrast to the typical black lashes, adding a more natural softness.

free natural hybrid lash map

Wispy Hybrid Lashes

Wispy Hybrid lashes are all about creating a textured and fluttery appearance. This style is achieved by mixing different lengths of both Classic and Volume lashes. The varied lengths give the lashes a "wispy" appearance, reminiscent of the natural variation in our lashes. It's a fantastic choice for clients who want a unique, multidimensional look without it being too heavy. Our lash map for this style focuses on varying the lengths to create that desired "wispy" effect, but be careful, you still need to consider the safety of your client’s lashes. 

Key Takeaway: Always ensure the length of the lash extensions is safe for the natural lashes. Safety should always come first! If you’re applying longer lashes, you need to choose a thinner diameter to ensure the lash extensions aren’t putting any strain on the natural lashes.

free lash map for wispy hybrid lashes

Mega Volume Hybrid Lashes

For clients seeking maximum impact, Mega Volume Hybrid lash extensions are the way to go. These lashes are dense, dark, and dramatic - there’s nothing subtle about them! Made using 0.030.05 lash extensions, they offer a bold look that's sure to turn heads. Don’t be afraid to be creative! With Mega Volume Hybrid lashes, adding spikes and texture to the set is a great way to achieve a striking and show-stopping look. Our lash mapping for this style focuses on achieving that dense, voluminous appearance whilst still ensuring the health and safety of the natural lashes, of course. 

Key Takeaway: When following the Mega Volume Hybrid lash map, consider using Easy Fan Lashes. For a fuller lash look, complement your fluffy Volume lash fans with thicker Classic Flat Lashes. They offer a mixture of lengths on each strip, allowing you to effortlessly achieve a super-textured look. When working with lash fans, it’s essential that you have a lash tool dedicated to handling large fans for beautiful Volume - this is where our Mega Volume Lash Tweezers come in! With an unmatched grip and super fine tips, you’ll control and place your lash fans with ease. 

mega volume hybrid lash map

Hybrid lashes offer a world of possibilities for Lash Technicians, and for your clients too. From the understated elegance of Natural Hybrid lashes to the dramatic flair of Mega Volume Hybrid lashes, there's a style to suit every client's needs. With the right techniques, you can truly transform your client's lashes from subtle to sensational. Let us know if you’ve followed our lash maps and be sure to tag us in all of your wonderful creations over on Instagram!