Improve Lash Retention & Stay Stress-Free This Summer!

We get it, summer can be an incredible time for clients and ‘outside of work you’, but ‘at work you’ may beg to differ! We wait all year for those warm rays of sunshine and get ready for our lovely clients requesting beautiful lashes for their holidays to roll in, butso many things can go terribly wrong. High temperatures and high humidity can, unfortunately, cause havoc for your retention and you’ll be working overtime to try to slow down, or speed up, the curing process. It’s seriously not worth the stress! However, if you have the right precautions in place, summer will no longer be the season for lashing that you dread. We’ve got just the gadget!

A digital hygrometer for a lash studio

What is a Hygrometer & Thermometer?

A Hygrometer is truly a lash studio must-have! No matter the time of year, having a digital Hygrometer & Thermometer (all in one) is essential for tackling changes in your lash room as a Lash Technician. A Hygrometer will monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your lash room, allowing you to choose the perfect lash glue for your room conditions. It’s so important to find an eyelash glue that works for you, and this can change dramatically depending on the humidity and temperatures within your workspace. 

Once you have found the lash adhesive you want to use, you can use the Hygrometer to find out if your room is at the optimal conditions for your lash glue. If not, you can either change your eyelash glue to one that works well with the temperature and humidity levels in your lash studio, or you can alter your work environment to adhere to your eyelash glues desired conditions. With the Hygrometer, you can ensure that your room remains within the optimal conditions for working, meaning that if your lash glue is curing too quickly or has changed consistency, it isn't your lash room that you need to blame.

Find out which London Lash Glue is perfect for your lash studio conditions with our glue chart.

eyelash glue being dispensed in drops

Why Do You Need a Digital Hygrometer?

In addition to our previous point, if you're having real trouble with your eyelash glue, a Hygrometer is a great way to rule out a key factor like your lash room’s conditions affecting your eyelash glue’s performance because you will be able to control them so that theyremain within the optimal levels that your lash glue requires. This handy gadget will become your salon bestie - this is a great way to ensure your eyelash adhesive is working at its best!

If you currently work in an unpredictable environment and your temperature and humidity rapidly change throughout the day, your lash glue may cure more quickly, or slowly, than you’d expect. If your lash glue is curing too quickly, this will dramatically affect your retention and can even cause shock polymerization. There’s no reason for this to surprise you if you have a Hygrometer as you’ll be able to monitor this throughout the day and avoid any mishaps. Not to mention, you’ll no longer feel paranoid after a day of lashing that you might receive an Instagram DM from a disappointed client whose eyelash extensions have already started to shed.You could have the world's best lash glue (which according to our customers is Power Bond), but you need to work with your adhesive and understand which conditions it needs to perform at its best, or it won’t work at its full potential. Not only is our Hygrometer lightweight and perfect for mobile Lash Techs, it’ll also look super stylish on your lash trolley or vanity too!

Woman looking in a mirror with eyelash extensions shedding

Is a Hygrometer Expensive?

Nope! A Hygrometer is not a particularly expensive piece of tech to buy. Just keep in mind that, at the end of the day, it’s an investment as it’s something you won’t need just in the summer, you’ll be using it all year round. The cost of purchasing a single Digital Hygrometer is nothing when compared to the number of eyelash glues you will be wasting trying to find the right one, because you’ve thrown them all away as a result of thinking that your lash glue is to blame for your bad retention rather than your room’s conditions. You are also buying a product that gives you peace of mind as you can relax and be confident in the fact that your glue will be working in its most favorable conditions.

A thermometer graphic explaining why lash techs should use a hygrometer

Need More Help?

During the summer, your lash glue can behave very differently -  if you can’t seem to stabilize your room temperature and humidity levels, you may have to change which adhesive you are using because the adhesive ingredients will become harder to mix. To help solve this issue, we would recommend that rather than manually shaking your eyelash glue for 1-2 minutes, you should use a Glue Shaker which will only take 5-15 seconds to mix! This means you’ll have more time for lashing and this ensures that your lash glue’s ingredients will be thoroughly mixed for maximum retention. Another tip to help you get the best out of your lash glue is to make sure to store your eyelash glue upright in an Airtight Container, this will prevent any moisture getting into the bottle whilst you’re not using it. 

Holding a glue shaker with a lash glue attached to it

So, what are you waiting for? Pop one of these bad boys into your basket and have a stress-free, fantastic summer! If you want to know whether or not to switch up your pretreatment routine during summer or if you need summer client aftercare advice, check out our blog and keep an eye out on our Instagram for more tips, tricks, and valuable lashing info.