How to Store Eyelash Glue & How to Know if Your Lash Glue Has Expired

We’re assuming that you’re here because you aren’t sure about how to store your eyelash glue, or your previous lash glue did a number on you and you don’t want to go through that nightmare again - well, props to you for seeking answers! We hope you never have to experience the dreaded feeling of opening your lash glue and thinking “Oh no, has it expired?” because the consistency is abnormal or your retention is doing the least, and you want to know why this has happened. That’s why we’re here! Let us give you the lowdown on how to properly store your lash glue to ensure that it always stays fresh! 

Three London Lash Glues next to pampas grass

Where Should You Store Lash Glue?

Before Opening 

Despite popular beliefs, you can store your unopened lash glue in the fridge - emphasis on unopened! Whilst in the fridge, it should still be in an airtight container with silica gel pouches to keep it dry. When the time comes for you to open your lash glue for the first time, make sure you take it out of the fridge at least an hour before you use it so that it adjusts to room temperature. Once the airtight seal has been broken, moisture will inevitably get into the bottle, no matter what you do. However, there are ways to ensure your lash glue stays fresh, and storing it properly is a key factor. 

After Opening

As the general rule goes, lash extension glue should be stored upright in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat. Examples of a cool, dry place include a drawer or cupboard that isn't situated near any windows or radiators. Once you have opened your eyelash glue, it should NOT be stored in the fridge. If you put it back into the fridge after opening it, condensation will build up inside the bottle and will cause the glue to polymerize.

You should also always store your eyelash glue in an airtight container to ensure that no moisture can enter, meaning your lash glue stays fresher for longer. Keeping your lash glue stored upright in an airtight container, with the lid screwed on tightly, creates an airtight seal that will protect your eyelash adhesive from any unwanted moisture getting in. You can also put some rice or silica gel pouches inside the airtight containerfor optimal moisture absorption. 

Eyelash glue in an airtight container

London Lash Product Alert! 

Made for this exact purpose, our Air Tight Container will prolong the lifespan of your lash adhesive as it protects your glues from moisture and is humidity-controlling! Not to mention, it’s super stylish and is perfect for your lash trolley or your mobile lash extension kit

Does Eyelash Glue Expire?

Unfortunately, yes eyelash glue does expire and there are various signs to determine if it has gone bad. Generally speaking, your lash glue should last at least 4 months. If you’re wanting to check the glues that you already have in stock, the first thing to look for is a date printed on the bottom. Assuming they’re London Lash glues, the date on the bottom signifies the date it was produced, and you’ll be able to use this glue for 6 months from this date if it’s unopened. From opening, your lash glue will have approximately 2 months before it expires. It’s great practice to keep your lash glue sealed until you need to use it, as it’s extremely difficult to gauge whether or not it has been opened beforehand. Once you have opened your lash adhesive for the first time, take a small piece of tape and stick it to the bottle. Here, you can write the date that it was first opened, and this can remind you to replace it 4-6 weeks after this date. This will result in optimal freshness and unmatched retention!

At London Lash, we order and receive a fresh batch of eyelash glue at least every 4-6 weeks, so we can guarantee that it’ll be super fresh when it arrives at your door. This may not be the case with other brands of lash glue, but ours are sealed tightly inside an airtight aluminum pouch, and then stored in large airtight containers with silica gel pouches. So, until you open your new lash glue in your salon, it won’t have come into contact with any moisture. 

Placing a lash glue into an airtight container

Signs of Expiration:

  • Your lash glue is thick and stringy.
  • You can’t hear any movement when you shake the bottle.
  • The lash glue appears gray and separated, even when shaken.
  • There is white residue around the glue nozzle.
  • Poor lash extension retention.

Reasons for Expiration:

  • Your lash glue is more than 6 months old (from the DOP).
  • Your lash glue has been open for more than 8 weeks.
  • It has been left near a heat source like on a windowsill or near a radiator.
  • It hasn’t been stored in an airtight container.
  • The lid hasn’t been screwed on tight enough. 

If shock polymerization has occurred on your glue nozzle and it has turned white, this is usually due to not cleaning the nozzle properly with nozzle wipes, or the lid not being screwed on tightly enough. Don’t be disheartened, this doesn’t always mean that the glue inside the bottle has gone bad. However, if you have found that there’s moisture inside and around the nozzle, thenthen there's a likely chance that the moisture has also gotten inside the glue's bottle too So you should also keep this in mind.

Cleaning a lash glue nozzle with nozzle wipes

There we have it! If you’re still unsure of how to store your lash glue or if you believe that your glue may have expired, feel free to drop our Customer Service team a message. They can put your mind at ease and answer any queries you might have.