Free Eyelash Extension Lash Map & Styling

Hi Barbie! With the upcoming release of the Barbie movie, it was only a matter of time before we jumped on the Barbie hype - we couldn’t resist! What better time than to enter your own Barbie Dreamhouse, aka your lash studio, and create a gorgeous set of Barbie-inspired lashes? To celebrate the much-anticipated movie release and all of the incredible marketing and press surrounding it, it’s only right that we release a Barbie Lashes lash map. Whether you want to incorporate color or not, we’ve got you covered!

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Barbie Lash Map

For this Barbie-inspired lash look, we’re aiming for an effect similar to an Eyeliner Style that will be perfect for clients with close-set or proportionate eyes. A super-dark eyeliner look is achieved by using short and narrow base fans and super-long spikes. For the first layer of lashes, you will split the lash line into 6 sections, or you can split it into as many as you want depending on how many lengths you are using. Like a Squirrel lash map, your lengths will increase as you move from the middle of the eye and closer to the outer edge, and then will gradually shorten as you reach the outer corner. For the lightest and fluffiest narrow fans, we recommend our Mayfair Lashes to ensure a bold and dramatic finish.

The second layer consists of lashes that are 1 mm longer in length. For the third layer, the only sections you want to increase by length is the inner half of the eye, while you keep the length the same for the outer - this creates the desired open-eye Barbie-inspired look with the addition of a subtle flick from the spikes. Working with the lashes in layers ensures a full, fluffy, and multidimensional lash look. Now on to the spikes! To create the desired Cat Eye flick that many clients love, we have taken inspiration from Cat-Eye mapping with the fact that, from the inner corner of the eye you will gradually increase the lashes in length by 1mm until you reach the outer corner, for that must-have swooping flick. For this Barbie-inspired lash look, we haven’t used any colored lashes, but of course, a cute pop of pink would be perfect!

A Barbie lash map by London Lash inspired by the Barbie movie

London Lash Top Tip: To create your bold spikes, we suggest using Lash Primer on your 0.05 or 0.07 Mayfair Lashes. To do this, simply add your Primer to a Micro Fiber Swab and apply it to the tips of the lashes whilst they are on the strip. This makes picking up your spikes really easy as the tips will already be closed.

Pretty in Pink

When we think of Barbie we all go straight to the hot pink color that the franchise is famous for. To truly embody the ‘Barbiecore’ aesthetic, the best way to do this is to experiment with the renowned vibrant pink. If you want to incorporate pink lashes into your Barbie lash look, the London Lash Hot Pink Mayfair Colored Lashes and the Ombre Pink Lashes are perfect! Whether you’re after a seamless ombre look or playful intermittent spikes, our colored lash extensions are perfect as each tray contains two complementary colors to match the Barbie theme. 

If you want to learn more about how to create different lash looks with colored lashes, click here!

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Hi Ken!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Ken! We cannot have a Barbie-themed blog post without including her iconic counterpart. Although Ken doesn’t usually adorn a full set of Volume lash extensions, if you have male clientele then why not give them the ultimate Ken Doll treatment? If your male clients love a dramatic Volume set, then go ahead and use the above lash map, and you could even add in a pop of pink for an extra dash of flair. However, for those who simply want a more subtle Ken-like enhancement, then look no further! A set of Nude lashes will create a natural and subtle appearance, and is a great style option to choose if your client wants an enhanced ‘natural lashes’ look. This lash styling truly provides a polished look - just like Ken!

Discover how to create Nude lashes here!

natural nude lash look lash mapping

If you decide to bring your clients’ Barbie dreams to life, make sure to tag us in your marvelous creations on Instagram. Not only will your clients’ lashes look stunning, but they’ll leave your lash studio feeling like Barbie too - confident, infectiously happy, and ready to take on the world!