An Explanation and Cost Breakdown of our Product Bundles

Being a Lash Tech can be expensive! Don’t get us wrong, in the end, you’ll definitely reap the rewards. If you shop for high-quality products and use your expert knowledge to your advantage, there is no way that your clients won’t be coming back time and time again. At London Lash, we strive to do the best that we possibly can to offer you the best lash supplies at the best prices - which is why we introduced our bundles!

Product bundles are the perfect way to shop the highest-quality products that you will love whilst also getting your money's worth. There’s no better feeling than saving your coin and relishing in such a business-savvy achievement. So, if you want to know what our bundles consist of and how much you can save, then read on!

bundle of lash supplies for lash extensions

5-Step Pretreatment Kit

We are starting off strong with our 5-Step Pretreatment Bundle, it’s a fabulous staple in any Lash Technician’s kit and is one of the best ways a Lash Technician can ensure amazing retention for their client’s lashes. This five-product bundle contains our Lash Shampoo, Protein Removing Cleanser Pads, a Lash Cleanser, Lash Primer, and our popular Retention & Speed Booster. If you’re not already using a pretreatment routine during your eyelash extension treatments, and you’re unsure why you even need to, get to know! Having a good pretreatment routine is a vital step of every lash treatment if you want long-lasting results. Failing to perform any sort of pretreatment will result in poor retention and unhappy customers. It’s every Lash Technician's worst nightmare to receive messages from clients complaining about their lashes falling out. Not only will you have to resolve the issue, but your client will most likely not return to you for another treatment. Luckily for you, we have just the kit to prevent this!

To ensure that the lash extensions adhere to the natural lashes and not to the dirt on them, we have five incredible products to help you get squeaky clean lashes. Not to mention, you get a fantastic 25% saving compared to buying all the products separately. 

Pretreatment lash kit for lash extensions
  • Lash Shampoo: Our foaming lash shampoo cleans oil, sebum, dust, and makeup from the lashes and eye area whilst also helping to prevent eye infections.  RRP: $19.00
  • Protein Removing Cleansing Pads: These cleansing pads gently remove any traces of makeup, natural oils, and proteins from lashes and eye area. They are especially perfect for getting a closer cleanse of the lash line.  RRP: $17
  • Lash Cleanser: An alcohol-based product that removes oils, proteins, and traces of makeup from the glue zone to prevent the extensions from sliding off the lashes.  RRP: $23
  • Lash Primer: Nourishes and moisturizes the lashes, creating the perfect base for the lash glue to bond with.  RRP: $21
  • Retention & Speed Booster: This miracle product opens up the hair cuticles without damaging the natural lashes and helps the adhesive hook onto the cuticles, improving retention.  RRP: $36

Pretreatment Kit Price: $86.99  | Original RRP: $116


If you want to learn more about our incredible pretreatment routine and how to improve your lash retention, we have a Free Pretreatment eBook available!

eyelash extensions pretreatment eBook

Clean Lashes Duo

Hopefully, by now you understand a bit more about the importance of having a great pretreatment routine, and so naturally you also need to have an amazing aftercare treatment too! Our Clean Lashes Duo is a must-have to ensure the perfect aftercare for those lashes! This duo includes our cleansing Foaming Lash Shampoo and a Lash Cleansing Brush, saving you a smashing 20%! Not only is this an essential product for any Lash Technician, but you can also retail this product to your clients for their own aftercare purposes. Doing this gives your clients the option to care for their lashes, meaning their next lash infill appointment will be a breeze. 

Clean Lashes Duo Price: $17.99  | Original RRP of Both Products: $23

Cleansing lash shampoo and lash brush for eyelash extensions

Super Prep Duo

If you’re a beginner Lash Tech or you’re on a tighter budget and would rather have a simplified version of our 5-step pretreatment routine, then our Super Prep Duo is a great way to start. Our Super Prep Duo consists of two incredible pre–treatment products that will aid with lash retention and still saves you 20%. These two full-sized products are our Lash Cleanser, which strips the lashes of oils, proteins, and traces of makeup, and our Lash Primer, which rehydrates the natural lashes. This dynamic duo will help your eyelash extensions adhere to your client's natural lashes better than ever before!

Super Prep Duo Price: $34.99  Original RRP of Both Products: $44

Lash primer and lash cleanser in a bundle

Retention Duo

If your retention is lacking and your lash extensions aren't sticking, then you need this retention-saving duo in your lash life! This Retention Duo packs a punch; it contains our Retention & Speed Booster and our Superbonder Sealant, with an impressive 30% of savings. This is why we have picked two of our best-selling retention products to create the ultimate retention combo. 

The London Lash Retention & Speed Booster is a vital pretreatment product that opens up the hair cuticle due to its alkaline pH, which enables the lash glue to adhere to the natural lash firmly. Applying a booster will make your client's lashes seem ‘magnetic’ as you won’t have to hold the extension on the natural lash for as long as you’re used to. This product helps to improve retention and also speeds up your treatment time.

Paired with our Superbonder Sealant, which is the perfect final step, your retention will be unmatched! The London Lash Superbonder instantly polymerizes the lash adhesive without causing shock polymerization whilst also locking in the lash glue’s fumes. The best feature about this product is that it adds elasticity to the glue, which ensures the bonds don’t break as easily and your clients' lashes are instantly waterproof! No matter what they’re doing after they leave your lash studio, those eyelash extensions will not budge! 

Retention Duo Price: $56.99  | Original RRP of Both Products: $82

Lash booster and lash bonder for eyelash extensions

Tweezer Bundles 

As a Lash Technician, you will definitely appreciate a good lash tweezer, but don’t underestimate the power of a glue remover! The importance of using a high-quality tweezer is a given, but what about when your beloved tweezers have bits of lash glue clinging to them for dear life? This makes it super difficult to pick up fine eyelashes or create volume lash fans, and if it’s your favorite tweezers that have those pesky glue remnants on them, you probably won’t want to switch to another pair. Save yourself some precious time from having to manually pick off the dried glue, and invest in a Glue Remover, or even better, a Tweezer and Glue Remover Bundle! 

In this bundle, you will receive a brand-spanking new pair of Lash Tweezers alongside a Glue Remover, which will help ensure they remain clean, shiny, and ready to use.

Fine Tip Fiber Tip Tweezer and Glue Remover Bundle

Price: $54.99 | Original RRP of Both Products: $69

Volume Fiber Tip Tweezer and Glue Remover Bundle

Price: $50.99 | Original RRP of Both Products: $64

Multifunctional Fiber Tip Tweezer and Glue Remover Bundle

Price: $34.99 | Original RRP of Both Products: $44

glue remover for lash tweezers

Unsure of which lash tweezers are the right ones for you? Check out our Lash Tweezer Guide!

Please note that all prices of these products are subject to change. London Lash is grateful for your business and support, and we are dedicated to offering our customers high-quality products at competitive prices. The costs listed here are applicable for August 2023.