How to Work with Colored Lash Extensions with London Lash Expert Karolina Swiderska

Have you ever considered choosing colored lash extensions to totally transform a look? They're absolutely stunning, and honestly, they don't get nearly enough love. With the holiday season just around the corner, it's the perfect time to chat about adding a splash of color to your clients' lashes.

So, why stick to the usual when you can spice things up with some vibrant hues? Let's walk through my top 5 tips for bringing some color into your lash services. Trust me, it's going to be fun, and your clients will love the fresh, festive looks! 

colored lash extensions

Use Clear Lash Glue

The secret weapon for colored lashes is clear glue! Clear glue is your best bet for creating a look that's both bright and eye-catching. This type of adhesive ensures that the glue bonds aren’t invisible, which is particularly important when working with bright and bold colors. Don't have any clear glue? No worries! Our Crystal Bond adhesive is an ideal pick for this purpose!

White lash extensions

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Create an Eyeline Effect

For a bold eyeliner look, choose a black adhesive; a black adhesive can be used to create a striking eyeliner effect, adding depth and definition to the lash line. This technique is especially effective with darker-colored lashes, such as deep blue or rich brown. The contrast between the lash color and the black glue adds an intriguing dimension to the overall look. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly you can create an eyeliner effect!

P.S. Remember to be precise with your glue application, as it will be more visible with colored lashes! 

Blue lash extensions

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Color Coordination

Harmonizing the lash color with your client's natural eye color can create stunning results. For instance, for blue-eyed clients, incorporating a few blue lashes at the outer corners can dramatically enhance the natural eye color, making the eyes appear bigger and brighter. Similarly, adding green lashes to clients with green eyes can intensify their natural eye color, adding a subtle yet captivating pop of color. This personalized approach to color selection can truly elevate the overall effect of the lash extensions.

Blue and silver lashes

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Play with Layers

The placement of colored lashes in different layers of the lash line can create a variety of effects! When colored lashes are placed on the top layer, they provide a gentle hint of color, which becomes particularly noticeable when the client blinks or closes their eyes. This subtle approach is perfect for clients who prefer a more understated look.

red lash extensions

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Placing colored lashes in the middle layer allows for a beautiful blend with your other black extensions, offering a balanced look that's both noticeable and elegant.

blue lashes

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Applying colored lashes on the bottom layer offers the most dramatic and captivating effect, making the eyes truly stand out.

red and yellow lashes

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Mix and Match Colors

For a versatile approach, mix black lashes with colored ones to create a look that's suitable for everyday wear yet still retains a touch of uniqueness. Alternatively, for clients looking to make a bold statement during the holiday season, using exclusively colored lashes can create an unforgettable look that's perfect for festive occasions!

Bright blue lashes

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Explore our diverse range of Colored Lashes at London Lash and let your creativity shine this festive season!


Written by London Lash Expert

Karolina Swiderska

karolina swiderska