How to Choose the Best Eyelash Adhesive | Latex-Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan

We get it, finding the perfect lash glue for you and your clients is difficult. It’s a task in itself! - and there are sooo many to choose from. You might be asking yourself, ‘where do I even start?’. Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve gotall the answers to your common questions such as ‘What is latex-free lash glue?’, ‘Do I need to use latex-free?’, and ‘What's the difference between latex-based and latex-free glue?’. You’ve come to the right place.  

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A Brief History

Historically, glue is derived from grinding down animal bones. So sadly, the origins of lash glue isn’t a vegan or animal-friendly one 😞

Cyanoacrylate (the main component in eyelash glue), was first used as ‘glue’ in the 1950s. Whilst most lash glues are now synthetic, lash glue has previously contained animal-derived products and proteins such as collagen. Collagen has been a main ingredient in lash extension glue for decades, but thankfully we have moved on. No one wants to be putting that on their face!

Sadly, there is still a long way to go before vegan-friendly and cruelty-free lash glues are the norm. Although other manufacturers may produce glues which have been through animal testing and contain non-vegan ingredients - ours sure don't! We are for sure animal lovers 🐰

Latex vs Latex-Free Glue

Let’s address the elephant in the room - not literally though, we are animal-friendly remember?! There has always been a debate on whether to switch to using latex-free alternatives for lashing, or to just stick with your latex-filled glue. 

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Many lash adhesives still contain formaldehyde as a preservative, or latex to improve the existing properties of the glue. Latex basically makes the lash glue stretchy, like it does in fashion garments and balloons. Latex itself IS vegan, but the glues that it is used in are typically NOT vegan, cruelty-free, or hypoallergenic. 

Latex-based glues are usually water soluble, meaning the lash glue will begin to break down in water. NOT GOOD! To get the most out of the lashes, your clients’ need to be washing them daily to increase retention.

Latex-free glues are formulated for sensitive skin and eyes😇 This type of lash glue is thebestfor clients who have a latex allergy, a sensitivity to lash glue, or have watery eyes. As your clients eyes will be exposed to the adhesive for a significant amount of time, there will always be a slight worry about if they will react badly to the glue or not.

Using a latex-free, formaldehyde-free, and hypoallergenic lash glue reduces the risk of your client developing an allergic reaction. Visualize that lovely client who’s just gotten their lashes done with you in time for a wedding. Horror strikes, and you get that dreaded Insta message that their eyes are bright red and itchy. It’s not worth the risk!  

Our Animal-Friendly Lash Glues

If you want to be 100% sure that your lash adhesive is vegan, cruelty-free, and latex-free, as per usual, we’ve got you covered. Our amazing glues are NOT tested on animals and they don't contain any ingredients of animal origin. They are also all latex-free and formaldehyde free, and most are even paraben free!

All of our glues are: vegan, cruelty free, latex-free, formaldehyde-free, oil resistant, heat resistant, and water resistant.

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Satin Bond: A very strong lash adhesive made for beginner and intermediate lash techs. It has a mediumsatin consistency, suitable for classic and russian lashes.

Lady Bond: One of our best sellers! A very strong lash glue which is suitable for lash techs of all levels. It is reliable, and is easy to work with even unstable room conditions. Perfect for classic and volume lashes. Contains parabens*

Crystal Bond: A very strong clear lash glue, ideal for lash techs with any level of experience. Ideal for brown lashes, coloured lashes, and lash art. Perfect to use on clients who have sensitivities to black pigment. A totally clear lash glue that can even work in unstable room conditions.

Power Bond: Our best seller! Suitable for advanced lash technicians as it is an extremely strong glue with a fast drying time. From classic to mega volume russian lash sets, this adhesive will be your favourite companion. 

Royal Bond: Made with advanced lash techs in mind; this lash glue is the best for environments with low humidity. It is an extremely strong adhesive, ideal for classic and volume lashes.

Flexie: This extremely strong lash glue has a velvet consistency and is perfect in low humidity conditions. It stays flexible, even after curing. From classic to volume lashes, advanced lash techs love this one! 


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