A Lash Tech's Guide to Creating Spellbinding Halloween Looks | Lash Maps for Every Halloween Look

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time for Lash Technicians to showcase their creativity and expertise. With the right lash extensions, you can transform any look into a Halloween masterpiece. Whether you're aiming for a subtle spooky touch or a dramatic statement, we've got you covered. Dive into our guide for creating spellbinding Halloween looks, complete with lash maps for every style. And the best part? We're offering these lash maps for FREE!

Green glitter lash extensions

Bat Wing Lashes

Unleash your inner nocturnal creature with Bat Wing lashes! Using jet black lash extensions with our lash map, you can create a fluttery, winged effect reminiscent of a bat in flight. The key is to focus on three areas of the lash line to create three striking spikes, and as you reach each spike, using regular Volume lash fans, gradually lengthen the eyelash extensions to mimic the shape of a bat's wing. Similar to a Cat Eye, as you move across the lash line towards the outer corner, increase the lengths of both your open and closed fans to create a sweeping effect. 

Bat wing lash map

Extreme Creepy Doll Eye

Doll eyes are an all-year-round classic, but why not take it up a notch? For the Extreme Creepy Doll Eye look, opt for longer, fuller lash extensions - much like a regular Doll Eye, but at an extreme level as the name suggests. You could even incorporate colored lashes, such as red lashes or orange lashes, to add an eerie touch. The fuller the lashes, the more doll-like and haunting your clients eyes will appear!

Our Extreme Creepy Doll Eye lash map is a mixture of a traditional Doll Eye and our Extreme Strip lash map. To create this striking look, use Mayfair or Chelsea lashes to create your fluffy Volume lash fans, and disperse your Premade Spikes along the lash line from 7mm to 14mm, following the lash map.

Extreme creepy doll eye lash map

Pumpkin Spiced Lashes

Nothing screams Fall and Halloween like pumpkin spice everything! Embrace the spooky season with Pumpkin Spiced lashes. Our Pumpkin Spiced lashes take on a more natural form, with the addition of orange spikes that add a touch of drama. Here, we have used black lashes; however, if you have brown lashes in your lash kit, feel free to use them! You can use a mix of orange lashes and brown eyelash extensions to capture the warm, cozy hues of pumpkin spice. If these lashes are for a special occasion, then why not add a sprinkle of gold or silver lashes for that extra spooky shimmer?

Pumpkin spiced lash map

Spooky Spirit Lashes

For those who prefer a more ethereal look, these Spooky Spirit lashes are your go-to. Blend silver lashes with your black lashes lashes for a ghostly and otherworldly effect. If you want to take it one step further, add icy blue or pale purple colored lash extensions to create more mystical vibes. The key is to keep the lashes wispy and light, capturing the essence of a wandering spirit. While our lash map consists of a more natural look, we’ve amped it up with the inclusion of glamorous spikes, individual lashes, and showstopping silver lashes! 

Discover how to incorporate colored lashes into your lash sets with our Colored Lashes Guide.

Spooky ghost lash map

Vibrant Vampire Lashes

Vampires are timeless Halloween icons. For a mysterious vampire look, focus on deep red lashes and black eyelash extensions. The contrast between the two colors will give the eyes a hypnotic allure, perfect for any vampire on Halloween night. To create this lash look, it’s best to isolate your three lash layers: upper, middle, and lower. For the bottom layer, create wispy lash fans ranging from lengths of 6mm to 8mm - then, for your middle layer, add lash fans ranging from 8mm to 12mm. Now you’ve got your base and supportive layers, you can add your dramatic red spikes to the upper layer in lengths of 10mm to 14mm, following the shape of the lash map.

vampire lashes map

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for Lash Technicians to showcase their skills and creativity. With the right eyelash extensions and techniques, you can create mesmerizing looks that will leave everyone spellbound. And remember, with our FREE lash maps, achieving these looks has never been easier. Let your creativity run wild!

Don't forget to check out our range of colored lash extensions, available in a variety of shades - from red lashes to silver lashes and everything in between, London Lash has got you covered. Happy Halloween and happy lashing!