How to Care for Lash Extensions Pre and Post-Halloween Festivities

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's that time of the year when everyone wants to look their spookiest and their best. But for those who have lash extensions, the scary season can bring about a slew of concerns – how can your clients rock their dramatic Halloween eye makeup without compromising the health and longevity of your eyelash extensions? Fear not! We've got our fellow Lash Techs covered with some lash-tastic tips to ensure your clients' lashes stay fabulous throughout the festivities.

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Choosing the Right Halloween Eye Makeup

When it comes to makeup with eyelash extensions, the key is to opt for products that are gentle on the lashes. Here's what to recommend to your clients:

Oil-Free Makeup: Oils are a tricky one as they are present in so many beauty and skincare products. First of all, let’s bust the myth. It’s actually a misconception that oil can break down the adhesive used for lash extensions - instead, oils can weave their way between the glue bond and the natural lash, causing them to slide off. Granted, this won’t happen straight away, but if your client is using oil-based skincare and makeup products for a week or so, they may then begin to complain about their poor lash retention. So, it’s always best to suggest your clients use oil-free makeup, especially around the eyes.

Water-Based Makeup: Water-based products are more gentle and won't interfere with the bond of the lash extensions, unless your clients pull and rub at their lashes to remove their makeup. However, as they're also easier to remove, it reduces the risk of tugging or pulling on the lashes.

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False Lashes and Lash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

While false lashes can amp up the drama for Halloween, they might not be the best choice for someone with eyelash extensions. The glue used for false lashes is a nightmare to remove! As it’s difficult to remove, this can lead to clients being more rough to remove it or not removing it properly which can actually lead to Blepharitis. For you as the Lash Technician, this means that the pretreatment step of their lash fill appointment will feel like a struggle and will take much longer. As a result, they probably won’t have as full of a look as they’d like as rather than focusing on crafting full, gorgeous lashes, you’ll be focused on removing the remaining glue. 

If your clients are super keen on using them, you need to make them aware that when they remove their falsies, they may pull out and damage their lash extensions and natural lashes. The best thing to do if you know they are wanting a show stopping halloween set is to advise them to opt for a more dramatic lash set when they come to you. You could even suggest fun, colored lashes for good measure! If they’re wanting to adorn a super dramatic set for a Halloween party, maybe book them in the day after too so that you can remove some of the lashes to tone down the lash set. This is a particularly good way to introduce colored lashes and glitter lashes to your clients if they typically opt for a more subtle look, as they know they’ll be removed soon after.

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The Importance of Lash Shampoo

A good lash shampoo is a must-have in every Lash Technician's arsenal. Not only does it help in keeping the lashes clean during pretreatment, but it can also be given to clients to ensure that any residue from Halloween makeup is thoroughly removed, while being gentle on the lashes. If you don’t retail lash shampoo to your clients (which we recommend you do), advise them to get a gentle lash extension shampoo that's specifically formulated for eyelash extensions. This will help in maintaining the health of the lashes and prolonging their lifespan, keeping them fresh and fluffy until their next lash fill. 

How to Remove Halloween Makeup the Right Way

The process of removing Halloween makeup is just as crucial as the application. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Use an Oil-Free Makeup Remover: Start by gently removing the eye makeup using an oil-free makeup remover. This will help ensure that the lash adhesive and the lashes themselves remain intact.

Lash Shampoo: Once the bulk of the makeup is removed, use a lash shampoo to cleanse the lashes. This will get rid of any leftover makeup residue and keep the lashes fresh. Work the shampoo in with a lash cleansing brush or with fingertips, focusing on the roots of the lashes.

Rinse Thoroughly: Leaving behind lash shampoo residue will prevent volume fans from being fluffy, affecting the overall look of the lash set. Leftover residue can also get into the eyes and lead to irritation.

Pat Dry: Instead of rubbing the lashes, pat them dry gently using a clean towel. This prevents any unnecessary tugging or pulling. Once lashes are dry, be sure to brush them through with a mascara wand.

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Post-Halloween Lash Care

After the festivities are over, it's essential to give the lashes some extra TLC. Here's how:

Lash Fills: Remind your clients to book their post-Halloween lash fill. This will help in replenishing any lashes that might have fallen out and ensure that the lash set always looks full and voluminous.

Avoid Rubbing the Eyes: Remind your clients to avoid rubbing their eyes, especially after wearing heavy makeup. This can cause the lashes to fall out prematurely, and can even damage the hair follicles for good.

Regular Cleaning: Emphasize the importance of cleaning the lashes regularly using a lash shampoo. This keeps the lashes free from any dirt or makeup residue and ensures they last longer.

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Halloween is a time to experiment with your lash looks, and in turn aiding your clients with their fabulous makeup looks. With the right care and guidance, your clients can enjoy the festivities without compromising the health of their lash extensions. So, Lash Technicians, arm yourselves with these tips and ensure your clients have a lash-tastic Halloween!