A Lash Artist's Guide to Holiday Decor | Tips for Decorating Your Lash Studio for the Holidays 

It's that time of the year again! The festive season is knocking, and what better way to welcome it than by giving your lash studio a holiday makeover? Whether you're all about understated elegance or love going all-out with your decor, let's make your space a holiday haven that you and your clients will adore. So, grab your choice of hot beverage (hot cocoa if you’re feeling festive), and let's dive into some fun and fabulous decorating ideas!

Lash Technicians applying eyelash extensions in a salon

Minimalism vs. Extreme Decor: Finding Your Style

First things first, what's your holiday style? Are you a minimalist, loving clean lines and a touch of sparkle? Or are you a maximalist, ready to turn your studio into Santa's workshop? There's no wrong answer here – it's all about what feels right for you and your space. Decorating for the holidays can range from minimalist chic to full-on festive extravagance. Minimalism focuses on simplicity and elegance, using monochromatic color schemes and understated decorations. In contrast, extreme decor is all about bold, vibrant colors and eye-catching displays. Choose a style that reflects your business's personality and creates a comfortable, joyful environment for your clients. 

Setting the Festive Mood with Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element in any lash studio. Proper lighting not only adds to the ambiance of your lash room but is also essential for your visibility whilst lashing to allow ultimate precision and placement and for amazing social media content! Why not enhance your trusty Glamcor light with subtle fairy lights or festive-themed covers for the holiday season? This not only maintains optimal lighting for applying lash extensions, but by adding festive touches, you can also add a warm, inviting ambiance to your studio.

Glamcor light above lash bed

Lash Storage with a Holiday Twist

Your lash storage can be part of the fun too; transform your lash storage into a festive feature! Those acrylic lash storage containers you have? They're like blank canvases. You can easily decorate acrylic storage containers with ribbons, tinsel, or small ornaments. This approach keeps your eyelash extensions organized and adds a touch of holiday spirit to your workspace. It's a small change, but it'll bring a smile to your face every time you reach for your lash palette or tweezers. 

Christmas Lashes Display

Got some special lashes for the holidays? Create a mini holiday display for them! This can be where your DIY skills come in handy, but if you print off cute little polaroids of your festive lash sets, and attach them to a small ribbon, you can decorate a small tree or a festive-themed stand with them. If you want to take a more minimalist approach, you could set up a stand of your colored and glitter lashes to attract attention and maybe even give inspiration to your clients. It’s the perfect way to showcase your holiday treatments, makes a great conversation starter, and will also add a unique decorative element to your salon.

acrylic storage for lash tweezers

The Lash Bed

We all know the lash bed is where the magic happens. So, let's make it extra cozy and inviting for your clients. A soft, festive-colored throw and a cute decorative holiday pillow can make all the difference. It’s not all about the furniture, you can easily jazz up and transform your space with small decorations and accessories, like plush cushions and blankets. Imagine your clients feeling all snug and festive while getting their lashes done – they'll love it! 

Wall Decor

Now, let's talk wall decor. Your wall decor can range from minimalistic wreaths to a full-blown Christmas mural, depending on your chosen style. How about some framed holiday prints or a stylish countdown to New Year's? Wall prints are an easy way to add a festive touch without overwhelming the space.

lash bed for lash studio

The Reception Area

Your reception area is the first thing clients see, so it’s super important that you make it festive and inviting. Decorate it with a small Christmas tree, some festive treats (who can say no to cookies?), and holiday-themed reading material. A scented candle or diffuser with a seasonal fragrance can also complete the welcoming atmosphere, but make sure not to place a diffuser or candle too close to your lash area, as it could negatively impact your lash glue’s performance and, in turn, lash retention.

Seasonal Dress

And what about you? As a Lash Technician, you can also reflect the festive spirit in your attire. A fun Christmas apron or a cute holiday pin can be just the thing to show off your festive spirit. This adds a fun personal touch to your outfit and is a great way to spark conversations with your clients.

Lash Technician apron

New Year, New Decor

As we say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new, it may be time to switch up your decor a bit. This doesn't necessarily mean a complete overhaul – simply changing a few elements can give your studio a fresh feel. Consider new color schemes, updated lash displays, or rearranging your salon layout. This change can reinvigorate your space and excite your clients and you about what's to come in the new year. If you want some tips on how to decorate your salon all year round, then check out our Lash Studio Must-Haves blog post!

Incorporating Seasonal Themes in Your Services

Let's not forget about the services themselves. Beyond decorating, consider integrating the festive spirit into your services. Offering holiday-themed lash styles or special packages can really set you apart. You could give a small gift or discount to your regulars as a token of appreciation. It's a sweet way to say thanks and spread some holiday cheer, and will help to strengthen your relationships with your clients. If you need some inspiration for fabulous festive lashes, we have stunning FREE lash maps that you need to take a look at!

Green Glitter lash extensions
Stunning green glitter lashes by @darja_lashandbrowsecrets

Snap and Share

If you’re organizing a Christmas event or party this year in your salon and have a cute, festive corner in your studio, make it the perfect selfie spot! By creating an interactive element in your decor, like a photo booth area with festive props, your clients and fellow Lash Techs alike can take festive pics to share on their social media, thereby promoting your salon at the same time. 


A quick reminder: Safety is super important. So make sure your decorations don't get in the way of your work, especially around the lash bed. We want a festive studio, not a hazard zone!


All in all, decorating your lash studio for the festive season is a wonderful way to create a memorable experience for your clients. Whether you choose a minimalist approach or decide to go all out, the key is to create a space that feels welcoming and festive. So, let's get decorating and make this holiday season the best one yet for your lash studio!