How to Capitalize on Black Friday as a Lash Tech

As a Lash Technician, you know the magic of transforming a simple look into something spectacular with lash extensions. But as the holiday season approaches, and with Black Friday on your doorstep, it's time to think beyond the lash tweezers and adhesive. It's time to strategize on how to boost your business and provide extra value to your clients. In this guide, we'll dive into the art of retailing aftercare products to your clients and creating irresistible Black Friday deals for your treatments. Get ready to turn those lashes into riches!

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1. Understanding the Importance of Aftercare

Before we jump into the sales strategies, let's talk about why aftercare is crucial. If your clients want superior lash retention, then it’s vital that you have a great pretreatment routine and educate your clients on aftercare. Proper aftercare not only ensures the longevity of their lash extensions, but also maintains the health of their natural lashes too. As a Lash Tech, recommending high-quality aftercare products like a specially formulated lash shampoomascara brushes, and lash cleansing brushes is your responsibility. 

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2. Educating Clients: The Key to Successful Retailing

Education is a powerful tool in retail. You have to remember, many of your clients will not know much, if anything, about the lash extensions process and simply come to you for the result (which is obviously valid), so as a professional, it’s important that you educate them on how to look after their lashes. Practicing thorough aftercare not only helps your clients maintain their stunning look, but also positions you as a trusted expert in lash care.

During appointments, take the time to educate your clients about the importance of aftercare by demonstrating how to use the lash shampoo and cleansing brush to correctly to clean their lashes. Explain how regular maintenance can also help to extend the life of their lash extensions. This will not only help you with selling products, but also builds trust and loyalty between yourself and your clients. You’ve done your magic, now it's their turn!

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3. Retailing Aftercare Products: A Win-Win Strategy

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on aftercare products like lash shampoosmascara brushes, and lash cleansing brushes at unbeatable prices, which you can also retail to your clients! Retailing aftercare products to your clients is a fantastic way to add an extra stream of revenue for your business. Start by explaining the benefits of the products and how they go hand-in-hand with the gorgeous lash extensions you've just applied. You can also create your own aftercare kits that include all the essentials, making it convenient for your clients to purchase them on the spot. More importantly, retailing aftercare kits to your clients is an easy way to encourage them to take better care of their lashes, as your clients will have no excuse for not keeping those lashes squeaky clean when they have everything they need. Clean lashes = Amazing retention!

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4. Implementing Irresistible Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to attract new clients and show your appreciation for your existing ones. Here are some ideas that will create a buzz with your Black Friday deals:

Discounted Treatments: 

Offer a percentage discount on popular lash extension treatments. This will not only help to attract new clients, but also encourages your regulars to try different styles.

Bundle Offers: 

Why not combine treatments at a discounted price? This way, you can introduce clients to treatments they may have wanted to try, and give them the opportunity to fall in love with something new! This type of discount will ultimately help you in the long run as it encourages your clients to have the same treatments again in the future, but at full price.For new clients, this is a way for you to showcase your skills at a lower price and create loyal clients for life!

Loyalty Rewards:

Provide special Black Friday points or discounts to loyal customers. This could include a free lash shampoo with their treatment, a free treatment, or a discount on their next lash infill. If retailers can run loyalty schemes, then why can’t you?!

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5. Marketing Your Black Friday Deals

To ensure your Black Friday deals reach a wide audience, it’s important to utilize social media platforms and email marketing. Showcase before-and-after photos of your lash work, post educational tips like the importance of aftercare, and tease your upcoming Black Friday deals. Remember to use relevant hashtags like #blackfriday and #lashextensions, and upload content that is visually appealing for your audience so they will want to engage with it to increase your visibility.

6. Personalizing the Experience

Personalization can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, and when clients feel that their specific needs are being addressed, they're more likely to invest in products and services. Tailor your product recommendations based on the style of lash extensions they have chosen and their lifestyle. For instance, for your clients who wear makeup, provide them with tips for how to remove their makeup safely without damaging their lashes and suggest a lash shampoo that can effectively remove makeup residue.

Isolating lash extensions with lash tweezers

7. Utilizing Testimonials and Reviews

Positive testimonials and reviews are incredibly persuasive. At the end of each treatment, ask your client to leave reviews on your website or social media pages! You can then share their reviews on your socials, which can help promote you as an individual, the products you have used, and the work you can produce. This not only boosts your credibility, but also provides real-life endorsements for your services!

8. Preparing for the Rush: Stock Up and Train Your Team

During the Black Friday period, if you are running your own promotions for your services, then you need to anticipate and prepare for an increase in demand. First things first, you need to ensure that you have enough stock of lash extensionslash glue, pretreatment products, aftercare products, and your other essentials. Then, if you have a team, make sure they’re well-informed about the various deals and promotions you will have, and the importance of customer service during this busy period.

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Black Friday offers a golden opportunity for Lash Technicians to expand their business and build stronger relationships with clients. By retailing quality aftercare products and crafting attractive deals, you can enhance the lash extension experience for your clients whilst also boosting your revenue. Remember, your expertise and personalized service are what will set you apart in this competitive market. So, gear up for the rush and make this Black Friday a remarkable success for your lash business!