Breaking Boundaries and Redefining Beauty | Recommended Lash Extension Styles for Men

With International Men’s Day just around the corner, what better time to discuss the age-old question of "Can men wear lash extensions?" as, rightly so, it’s becoming an increasingly relevant topic within communities of Lash Techs. As we break down gender norms and redefine what beauty means, it's clear that lash extensions, once exclusively popular with women, are finally a unisex trend! At London Lash, we'd like to say that we’re at the forefront of development, offering a range of eyelash extensions that cater to everyone, including men seeking a more enhanced yet natural look.

Male model wearing lash extensions

The Rise of Lash Extensions Amongst Men

Lash extensions have long been a staple in women's beauty routines, but we have seen a noticeable shift! Men are now discovering the transformative power of lash extensions, from subtle enhancements to more dramatic looks. Believe it or not, many of our London Lash trainers have a significant male clientele! The key is in the application and style – something that we specialize in - but we’ll get onto that. 

Can Men Wear Lash Extensions? Absolutely!

The short answer is yes, men can and do wear lash extensions - of course! The growing trend of men opting for eyelash enhancements is a testament to the changing perceptions of male grooming, which is what we love to see. We’ve observed that males who are seeking lash extensions usually opt for more natural lash styles to simply enhance their features, which is great if they have sparse or short lashes. Natural eyelash extensions offer a subtle enhancement that can complement their natural features. 

Male wearing eyelash extensions

Why Men Choose Eyelash Extensions

Men opt for eyelash extensions for various reasons. Some seek to add volume and length to naturally sparse lashes, whilst others desire a more enhanced appearance that opens up their eyes. Classic eyelash extensions are a popular choice, particularly when using brown lashes as they provide a natural, understated look that's perfect for everyday wear - this is where natural lash extensions or nude look lashes come into play! 

Eyelash Extension Styles for Men

When it comes to eyelash extension styles for men, if they want a more subtle look, then the focus is on creating a natural, 'nude look.' This can be achieved with Classic eyelash extensions, which mimic the natural lash but add length and volume. The goal is to enhance the eyes without making it obvious that extensions are being worn. However, if your client’s goal is to have full, fluffy, voluminous lash extensions then go ahead! We’ve got a whole blog about Volume lashes and free lash maps if you need some inspo. 

Nude look classic eyelash extensions on a male model

1. Natural Eyelash Extensions:

For men new to lash extensions, natural styles are most likely the way to go. These extensions will blend seamlessly with their natural lashes, giving a subtle lift with definition. Natural Classic lash extensions offer a slightly more noticeable enhancement than a nude look set, and are perfect for men who want a bit more prominence to their lashes without going over the top. If you’re thinking of offering lash extensions to male clients, then make sure to take a look at our range of individual Classic lashes!

3. Nude Look Lashes:

Similar to natural Classic lashes, Nude-look lashes are all about subtlety. They're designed to give the eyes a gentle boost without the appearance of wearing extensions, and are ideal for men who prefer a minimalist approach to beauty. We recommend using a more natural length and curl, like a C or CC curl to complement your client's natural lashes. If you haven’t already, check out our Natural Lash Extensions Guide for everything you need to know about natural, nude, and natural hybrid lashes. 

free nude look lash map for lash technicians

Aftercare and Maintenance

Aftercare for lash extensions is crucial, regardless of gender. Men should follow the same aftercare regimen as women, including avoiding water and steam for the first 24-48 hours, unless you’re a superstar of a Lash Tech and use Superbonder! Your clients should also be using oil-free products, brushing their lashes daily, and, of course, using a foaming lash shampoo to cleanse their lashes. Not only will these steps prevent nasties like lash mites and blepharitis, they’ll keep the lashes looking as fresh and full as possible.

Want more aftercare advice? Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Lash Extensions Aftercare!

Breaking Beauty Boundaries

Breaking beauty boundaries is super important to us! By embracing eyelash extensions, men are breaking beauty boundaries and challenging traditional norms, which we love to see. It's a step towards a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry, where self-expression knows no gender limits - and isn’t that what beauty is all about? 

Nude look lash extensions on a male model

Back to the pressing question we started with, the answer to "Can men wear lash extensions?" is a resounding YES! At London Lash, we're proud to offer a range of eyelash extension styles suitable for everyone. Whether you're a man looking to dip your toes into the world of lash extensions or a Lash Technician seeking to expand your clientele, we have everything you need to help you embark on this exciting journey!