The Truth About London Lash Black Friday Prices

It’s that time again when Black Friday boasts discounts that seem to outshine those of the previous years. Ever wondered how a bottle of Royal Bond Lash Glue could be marked down SO significantly? Is it old stock? Is it typically overpriced? Let’s dive into the truth behind Black Friday prices once and for all!

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It’s Not (Just) About Profits

Indeed, any business partaking in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales is aiming to turn a profit; otherwise, it’s not a viable business model. But Black Friday is as much about drawing in new customers as it is about appreciating our long-standing, cherished customers.

When we set out Black Friday prices, our goal is to assist all those dedicated, loyal customers in stocking up for their peak season - Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving are just around the bend, and every Lash Tech in the US is about to be fully booked.


These discounts benefit you in three ways:

  • Increased profitability as each lash set will cost you a minimal amount.
  • No need to block out time to place another order when you could be lashing.
  • The ability to offer new clients a welcome discount without sacrificing your profit margins.
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We also establish Black Friday prices with potential customers in mind - those who are just embarking on their lash journey and aren’t sure which brand or specific products are suitable for them, those seeking a change, or those who accidentally find us while hunting for the best deals.

Lower prices mean lower risk - if they don’t like something, if it doesn’t meet their expectations - it’s less daunting to spend less on something than to invest a hefty amount. (That said, if something doesn’t wow you, we have a delightful customer service team who want the absolute best for you, and we have a very fair returns policy!)

In essence, it makes sense from a business perspective for customers and companies to offer these low prices for a limited time.

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Are The Discounted London Lash Products Old?

The only items that aren’t super fresh are things like lash tweezers, which don’t have an expiration date. However, items like lash glue, which are a bit more sensitive regarding how long they can sit on a shelf, are ordered in FRESH.

Every month, we receive a new batch of glue so that whenever you place an order, at ANY time of the year, your glue has at least 4 months of life in it before being opened. For Black Friday, we order substantially more than in any regular order just to ensure we have enough for everyone to get what they need, and to ensure it’s as fresh as it possibly can be.

To check the date of production on any of our glues and liquids, take a peek at the bottom of the bottle. The date there is the date that the product was produced, so the shelf life is from that date.

We’ve compiled a little guide to buying perishables (liquids) which might assist you if you’re uncertain about the shelf lives of certain products.

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Are London Lash Products Usually Overpriced?

Absolutely not. Here’s the deal, you can order lash supplies from eBay and Amazon at lower prices, but the truth is that these products do not undergo the same level of quality control that those same (or similar, to be precise) products go through when supplied by a reputable brand like us. They might not be regulated, they might not guarantee longevity, they won’t have your back if you run into any issues, and they might not even be safe for your clients.

Beyond quality control (of which there is a lot, by the way), you have to consider the cost of the product, the cost of packaging, the cost of shipping; the design team’s time, the marketing team’s time, the warehouse team’s time, and many more factors. So, comparing the price of any given product to what you can get on a platform like Amazon is akin to comparing a Formula 1 car to a cardboard box go-cart.

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Sale prices at any given time are less about profits and more about assisting our customers - they’re about generating excitement around a product and simply giving people the opportunity to try things they might be hesitant about trying at full price. Take colored lashes or brown lashes as a prime example! Many Lash Techs feel more comfortable purchasing products at a sale price when they may only have a select few clients whom they’d use them on, or for the Instagram content, of course!


Wherever else you shop this Black Friday, rest assured that your lash supplies will be of the same high quality and super fresh supplies you’ve come to expect from us.