London Lash Glue: How Fresh Is It?

Ever wondered about the freshness of your lash glue? As the anticipation for the massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales builds, you might be wondering about the quality and freshness of the lash glue you're eyeing. If you're thinking of grabbing a few bottles, you'll want to ensure they're as fresh as they can be!

London Lash glue bundle

How Long is London Lash Glue Good For?

Curious about its shelf life? Throughout the year, we receive a fresh shipment of lash glue every 6-8 weeks. This ensures that whenever you make a purchase, your glue has at least 4 months of optimal performance left.

For our long-time customers, then you are probably already aware of our significant discounts during the Black Friday sale. And if you're new here, welcome! Prepare to be amazed. Our lash glues are always HEAVILY discounted during Black Friday, so given the surge in demand during these sales, we ramp up our inventory. We strategically time our glue deliveries to be as close to the sale date as possible, ensuring you get the freshest products possible. Maximum freshness = maximum retention! 

Lash glue drops

Wondering about the production date? Just check the bottom of the bottle. We believe in transparency, which is why we stamp the production date on the bottom of every bottle. This not only aids us in managin our stock (though, honestly, leftovers are a rarity), but it also helps you to track of when you need to use it by!

Date of production of lash glue

London Lash Glue: The Manufacturing Process

To provide a clearer picture, here's a brief overview of the London Lash glue journey:

  1. We place an order for 1,000 bottles.

  2. The glue enters production, and bottles receive a Date of Production (DOP) stamp.

  3. In-factory quality control checks the glue's consistency and performance.

  4. Each glue bottle is shrink-wrapped, placed in aluminum pouches with silica gel packets, and prepared for shipment.

  5. The glue reaches the airport, clears customs, and is loaded onto a truck bound for our warehouse.

  6. Upon arrival, we count and quality-check the glue. It's then added to our online inventory and shelved.

  7. You place your order. We pack it with love and care (and occasionally some candy).

  8. You get your ultra-fresh glue, ready for use!


Regardless of the DOP, rest assured that any London Lash glue you order from us will be FRESH, high-quality, and a long-term staple in your lash kit!