How to Ensure You Never Run Out of Stock as a Lash Technician

You might glance at this headline and think, "Well, just stock up more!" Yet, it's surprisingly easy to find yourself in a bind, or to overlook the necessity of a robust inventory strategy when launching your business! If you're accustomed to operating based on memory or the "I'll buy it when I need it" approach, it might be time for a rethink…

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Imagine this scenario: You're confident you have enough lash adhesive. You can't recall the last time you ordered, but everything seemed fine when you used it last Friday—surely, there's at least two more days' worth in there. You decide to order more later.

But then, your client arrives, lies down, and as you're prepping their lashes and sketching out your plan, you discover your lash glue is either too stringy or not coming out at all! Panic sets in. Sure, you can rush an order this instant, and it might arrive tomorrow (if you're lucky), but when exactly? This could mean 2-3 days of rescheduling clients, which is far from ideal. So, how can we sidestep these stockout crises?

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Tip 1 - Inventory Management

Being acutely aware of your inventory levels is crucial - how much lash glue do you use in a month? How many boxes of lashes? Do you have enough pretreatment products to last a week? Even with express shipping and our commitment to quick dispatch, delays can happen!

It's advisable to store your liquids away from direct sunlight and in airtight conditions (especially adhesives!), but you should be able to quickly assess your stock levels whenever you open your storage area - how many items do you have? How many are open? How long will they last? 

Airtight storage container for lash glue

Tip 2 - Date Your Products

Keep track of when you open products that have an expiration date, especially your lash adhesive! Our adhesives have a 6-month shelf life from the production date (don't worry, we print this on both the bottle and the aluminum pouch it comes in, so you're not left guessing!) before opening, and a 2-month lifespan once opened.

When you first open a new bottle of adhesive, use tape and a marker to stick a label on it with the date. Whether you note the opening date or the replacement date is up to you, but clear labeling can prevent any unfortunate surprises!

Date of production on lash glue bottle

Tip 3 - Schedule Restocking

Once you have a good grasp of how fast you go through each product, dedicate an hour or two each month to restock. Maintain a list of needed items in a spreadsheet or the back of your planner, and refer to it when placing your monthly order–it’s actually really easy!

To make it even easier to stay stocked, consider enrolling in our lash adhesive subscription service - choose to have your preferred adhesive delivered every 2, 4, or 6 weeks as needed. It's sent out automatically, and you'll save 20% off the regular price!

Tip 4 - Avoid Overstocking

While planning is key, it's equally important to order only what you truly need. Overordering can lead to an excess of stock that you can't use or will attempt to use past its prime, wasting time, money, and resources (and potentially damaging your reputation!).

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By following these tips, you can maintain a seamless operation, ensuring you're always prepared for your clients' needs without the stress of last-minute stock shortages!