Black Friday Sales At London Lash: Your Guide To Amazing Deals

You might assume that since the London Lash Black Friday sales are exclusively online, there won't be any rush or competition. However, every year, we hear from folks who waited just a tad too long and missed out on their must-haves. But don't worry! We've got you covered with some pro tips to ensure you snag both your essentials and your wish-list items this Black Friday.

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Step 1 - Note Down Your Lash Essentials

Kick things off by noting down your absolute must-haves: your lash glue, your pretreatment, and of course, your lashes. Then, move on to your wish list. Think about those items you've been eyeing but hesitated to splurge on. Whether it's an advanced pretreatment routine or a shiny new pair of tweezers, now's the perfect opportunity to indulge without any guilt.

Step 2 - Sign Into Your London Lash Profile

If you haven't set up a profile on the London Lash siteyet, it's a breeze. All you need is an email and a password. Having an account has its perks - not only will your shipping and payment details be pre-filled, saving you precious time, but you can also preload your cart. That means everything you've added will be right there waiting for you.

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Step 3 - Preload Your Cart

Before the Black Friday frenzy begins, take that list you've created and start adding items to your cart. For a little thrill, check the total now and then compare it to your checkout total on Black Friday. The savings might just blow your mind! It's a good idea to do this earlier on the day before Black Friday. That way, if you've overlooked something, you still have time to add it.

Step 4 - Get A Head Start

Imagine this: it's just about midnight, and while others are scrambling to fill their carts, you're all set. With your cart loaded, your details in place, and your finger on the trigger, you're ready to seal the deal as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Kudos to you for being so ahead of the game! With your primary shopping done, the rest of Black Friday is yours to explore. Dive in, have a blast, and maybe discover some new favorites.

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Remember, Black Friday is not just about the deals; it's about the thrill of the hunt. So, enjoy every moment and happy shopping!