Get Ahead of Your Black Friday Shopping | Level Up Your Lash Business

Battle down the hatches, it's time for the most exciting time of the year… No, not Christmas - Black Friday, of course! So, if you’re a loyal London Lash customer, or have always wanted a few bits from us, now is your chance. This is the time to boost your business on a budget, stock up on your favorite lash supplies, and grab your fave lash glue at an unmissable price. But the question is, how should you prepare? It can be a tad overwhelming when all of a sudden, your favorite lash products are up to 50% off. Well don’t panic, you can seamlessly prepare and navigate through our Black Friday sales with this handy guide.

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Navigating Through the Hype: Black Friday 2023

Black Friday, a day synonymous with irresistible deals and a shopping frenzy, is on the horizon. Marked in every savvy Lash Tech’s calendar, Black Friday 2023 is anticipated to bring a plethora of opportunities for both consumers and businesses alike. For Lash Technicians, this day is not just about snagging deals but also about strategic preparation to ensure your lash business thrives amidst the chaos. If you’ve always wanted to find your niche or expand your business offerings, why not do it during Black Friday? If you’ve been umming and ahing about purchasing brown lash extensions, why not purchase them when they’re heavily discounted?!

Key Dates and Details: When is Black Friday and What to Expect

Generally, Black Friday traditionally falls on the day after Thanksgiving, which means for 2023, it will be on November 24th. However, the buzz and the deals don’t just limit themselves to one day. The sales often extend throughout the weekend, culminating on Cyber Monday, providing ample time and opportunities to secure the best Black Friday deals. From exclusive discounts on premium lash products to unbeatable offers on essential tools, it’s not one to be missed. To find out when the London Lash Black Friday sales will be commencing, sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our socials!

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Strategic Planning: Ensuring Your Lash Business Shines This Black Friday Sale

As a Lash Tech, Black Friday is not merely a shopping spree but a strategic event. Begin by analyzing your inventory and identifying what products and tools you need to replenish or upgrade. Keep a close eye on our socials and on your email inboxes for exclusive info about this exciting event, and create a list to avoid impulsive purchases that can dent your budget.

Buying Samples Before Black Friday

Investing in quality products is pivotal for a Lash Technician. Before the Black Friday sale commences, consider purchasing samples of products you have your eye on. This allows you to test the quality, efficacy, and suitability of those products without the pressure of the sale day. Especially when purchasing lash glues, which will also be included in our Black Friday Sale, by the way, you want to make sure you are buying the perfect one for you. By buying a couple of samples, you can ensure that when Black Friday 2023 arrives, your investments are well-thought-out and genuinely beneficial for your business. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Black Friday Opportunities for Lash Technicians

Black Friday is not only about purchasing but also about leveraging those deals to your advantage to attract and retain clients. Consider creating bundled services, incorporating the products you’ve secured in the sale, or offering limited-time discounts to new and existing customers. Why not create your own Black Friday event with discounted services? This strategy not only maximizes the benefits of the deals you’ve utilized but also enhances client satisfaction and loyalty.

Beyond the Sale: Post-Black Friday Strategies

Once the whirlwind of Black Friday subsides, it’s crucial to assess and organize your purchases, integrating them seamlessly into your business. Additionally, consider posting on socials and reaching out to clients with personalized messages, informing them about the new products and services available, and perhaps extending an exclusive post-Black Friday offer. Have you expanded your services and are now offering colored or brown lashes? Shout loud and proud about it!

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London Lash’s Black Friday, with its promise of unmatched deals and discounts, is a pivotal time for Lash Technicians to stock up on essentials and explore new products. By approaching it with strategic preparation and utilizing our deals to help grow your own business, you can navigate through Black Friday 2023, ensuring it is beneficial for you! We’re excited for Black Friday, and we hope you are too! For the latest London Lash deals, sign up to our newsletter and stay up to date with our Instagram.