Achieve the Ultra Wispy Lash Look with Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes 

If you love a wispy lash look, we’ve got just the product for you! You’ve heard of Premade Lash Fans, but what about Premade Lash Spikes? That’s right, our newest launch is one that’s not to be missed! But let’s get into the nitty-gritty details because you need to know more about them to understand what they’re all about truly. Unlock a wispy world of possibilities and take your clients’ lash looks to the max. Not only do they make your life as a busy Lash Technician so much easier, but they also have so many other pros. Let’s dive into them and explore some fabulous lash mapping styles that perfectly complement their use.

Premade lash spikes in a lash tray

What Are Eyelash Extension Spikes?

Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes will become your new best lash friend, especially for when you want to create a super wispy lash extensions set that requires closed lash fans, aka spikes. So, what are lash spikes, generally speaking? Typically, lash spikes are closed lash fans that you can create with your regular lash extensions. A spike's purpose is to add texture and dimension to a set of lash extensions as they appear longer than the other lashes in the set. They are usually placed at equal intervals along the lash line for dramatic effect and can be added to any style of eyelash extensions, from classic lashes to hybrid lash extensions, and to volume lashes. Before the innovation that is Premade Spikes, to create a spike with your regular lash extensions, it’s recommended you use a lash primer to brush along a strip of eyelash extensions to create multiple lash spikes. 

What Are Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes?

As the name suggests, Premade Spikes are essentially clusters of individual lash extensions, which form to make one spike. The London Lash Spikes are made up of five lashes that are bound together with a small amount of glue at the base in a closed fan-like shape to create a gorgeous spike. These come pre-made, meaning they're ready to use right out of the box and are here to save you time and make your life as a Lash Technician a breeze! They’re a fantastic way to add instant volume, texture, and depth to your client's lash look. Let’s talk details… The BRAND NEW London Lash Premade Spikes come in a mixed length tray of 11-17mm, have a thickness of 0.6 in our popular Mayfair style, and have been crafted in curls of C, CC, and D - making them perfect for a versatile range of looks.

Premade lash spikes in tray

Why Are Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes So Beneficial?

Time-Saving: As Lash Technicians, we understand that time is crucial. Premade Spikes are precisely that – premade. This means you don't have to spend additional time crafting spikes individually. They come ready to go, allowing you to expedite your lash application process without compromising quality.

Perfect Every Time: Achieving uniformity in eyelash extension sets can be challenging, but using Premade Spikes makes it straightforward. Every single spike is crafted with precision, ensuring uniform length, thickness, and curl, creating a beautifully consistent look for your clients. This consistency is a game-changer for achieving impeccable lashes.

Texture & Dimension: These spikes are your go-to solution if your clients desire volume. They instantly add fullness and drama to any lash set. They create a striking, multidimensional effect that can make any set of eyelash extensions pop.

Versatility: Premade Spikes can be used in various lash mapping styles (we’ll get onto that later), allowing you to cater to a wide range of client preferences and achieve diverse looks. From bold Manga lashes to gorgeous Angel lashes, Premade Lash Spikes are a fantastic solution!

Premade lash spikes

Lash Mapping Styles For Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes

Now that we’ve discussed the finite details behind Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes, let's explore some lash-mapping styles that pair perfectly with our stunning Premades:

Doe Lashes

Like the popular Doll Eye, Doe lashes create a cute yet dramatic look that opens and enhances the eyes. After applying your Classic lashes as a base, and if you fancy Volume lash fans when needed in sparse areas, you can then go in and add your Premade Spikes. To create a true doll-eyed appearance, focus on placing your Spikes at the center of the lash.

Dolly doe eye lash map

Wispy Lashes

We bet a majority of your clients request a wispy lash look, and we get it! They’re super popular and offer a textured and fluffy appearance. Wispy lashes will be your go-to for clients seeking this effortless and multidimensional look. Begin with your base of lashes and apply the Premade Spikes intermittently throughout the lash line. This creates a soft, textured look that exudes effortless elegance. If you want to learn more about how to create the perfect Wipsy lash set, check out this blog post!

Wispy lash map with premade spikes

Kim K Lash Look

To create the sought-after Kim K lash look, spikes are a MUST! To create this look, keep an even and uniform top line and add intermittent spikes throughout the set at regular intervals. These spikes should generally be 2-3mm longer than the other lash fans in your set and can be added to both the top and bottom lash layers to ensure an ultra-dramatic effect that, even when growing out, stands the test of time.

Kim K wispy lashes with premade spikes

Wet Look Lashes

If you’re not already familiar with Wet Look lashes, we have an in-depth blog post that we’d highly recommend you look at! A Wet Look lash set is essentially a wispy and spiky lash look, ideal for any client who adores that 'wet' lash appearance. As the name suggests, Wet Look lashes mimic a set of volume lashes that appear freshly dampened from a shower or a dip in the pool. This striking lash style typically involves applying closed fans in spikes or exceptionally narrow volume fans. With our Premade Spikes, you can save valuable time and additional products like Primer, all while crafting the most attention-grabbing, wispy Wet Set of lashes!

Wet Look lashes with premade spikes

Manga Lashes

Whether you love anime or not, Manga lashes are a go-to lash style for any client who wants a dramatic doe-eyed effect. This style allows you to get creative and is perfect for special occasions or for those who adore a statement lash. Taking inspiration from Manga characters, you can create these ‘Anime Eyes’ by placing short, wispy lash fans alongside Premade Spikes at equal distances across the lash line, resulting in a bold and spiky appearance. If you want to learn how to create this dramatic, cartoon-like look, make sure to read this blog post!

Manga lash map for lash technicians

Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes are the secret weapon you didn't know you needed to elevate your lash game. They not only save you time but also empower you to craft captivating lash extension styles that your clients will adore. Try them out, have fun with your lash mapping styles, and watch your clients bat their fabulous, spike-enhanced lashes confidently. Feel free to mix and match these styles, experiment with different lengths and curls, and let your creativity soar. Your clients will be amazed at the endless possibilities you can achieve with these tiny but mighty spikes.