The London Lash USA Warehouse Is Up & Running!

We have HUGE news. Finally, after a LOT of meticulous planning and research, we are excited to announce our US warehouse - and it’s all thanks to you! Our amazing customers have made this all possible, and we couldn’t be more grateful. 

When Is The New Warehouse Open?

Now! As of now, you can order your must-have London Lash products, and they will be dispatched straight from our US warehouse to your door. If your clients want the most gorgeous, wispy, volume lashes with unmatched retention, we’ve got you covered. Your wishes have been granted 🪄

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LLP Founder, Hanna Putjato

Why The Big Change?

Due to our incredible and ever-growing community of lash techs in the US and Canada, we can’t not open a new warehouse. If our customer base is growing, then we need to as well! We always have our customers (you, the lovely person reading this) in our minds, and we believe in aspiring for bigger and better things, together, lash technicians and suppliers alike.  

Our main goal is to offer you the best possible service, your opinion matters to us! This means the best prices, the best shipping options, and more space for us to provide you with new and exciting products. We aim to make your life as a lash tech, or nail technician, easier, whilst helping you make your clients love you even more than they already do. If we can make your lash dreams come true, then you can make your clients’ dreams come true too!

The best products and service > The best lashes > The best client reaction and feedback

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How Does This Affect Me?

Say goodbye to long shipping times, far gone are the days of waiting agesfor your beloved lash products 👋 We were fed up with that, and we know you were too (we don’t blame you). 

So, what’s the difference between shipping from the UK and the US? Let us enlighten you…

Super Fast Deliveries!

The introduction of our USA warehouse means a faster dispatch of the products you love or the products that you are just dying to try?! This also means easier tracking, so you can monitor your order on its exciting journey. It also gives us the opportunity to add a few little extra touches that our UK customers know and love us for. 

No Unexpected Customs Fees Or Delays!

There you go, breathe out that huge sigh of relief. Finally, the dreaded and unexpected customs fees will no longer be a frightening surprise for our US customers. As your parcels will be coming straight from our US warehouse, they won’t have to wait in customs. YAY!

You can expect the same variety of shipping fees and options, all to suit your need; and don’t forget, your deliveries will of course be carbon neutral. Not only do we care about our customers, but we care about the environment too, and rightly so! Being eco-friendly has never been easier 🌎


So, what are you waiting for! If you’ve ever been reluctant to shop with a UK-based company, now's the perfect time to give us a chance! We’ll be waiting over at our new and shiny USA warehouse for your order. 

For more useful information regarding deliveries, check out our Shipping Information Page.