Whether you’ve been here for a while or you’re just getting to know us, you’ll (hopefully) be aware that we’re really doing our best to be the most sustainable lash brand on the market!

Our Packaging

Back in 2018 we swapped our plastic lash trays for a cardboard version which - not to toot our own horn - looked beautiful! While this was an attempt to reduce our reliance on single use plastics, we soon realized that the magnet keeping the trays closed and the spot UV printing on the inside (that’s the shiny embossing you see on some packaging) meant that, while better for the planet in terms of how they break down after being discarded, they weren’t actually completely recyclable. 

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After lots of testing and careful consideration, we came up with our matchbox design, which is completely recyclable! In addition to that, we’ve swapped the plastic bags that the lashes arrive in for a plant-based version which is compostable, so your lash trays arrive looking as gorgeous as ever without causing any environmental dramas! 

Our Parcels

In 2020, we changed up how we pack our parcels so they come to you without any bubble wrap, or anything that’s going to be a nightmare when it breaks down later. Instead of bubble wrap we use a paper variant to protect our glass bottles (also recyclable), shredded paper to stop everything bouncing around too much, and packing peanuts which are made from starch instead of polystyrene, which means they’re easy and sustainable to make, and they dissolve in water! 

Our most recent endeavor, and maybe one of the best things we’ve done so far in terms of sustainability, is that we’ve started making a monthly donation (via our ecommerce platform Shopify) which funds work into offsetting carbon emissions, making every single one of our deliveries carbon neutral! 

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How Does This Work?

Each month, the app that we’re signed up to calculates the carbon emissions for each order and then uses our monthly donation to fund the projects which either plant new trees, or research and invest in new technologies which remove the CO2 from the air and store it, ready to be used at a later stage. By removing carbon dioxide from the air to match the carbon dioxide which is emitted during the transportation of goods, those deliveries become carbon neutral. 

If you’re looking for a little way to increase your own sustainability, check out our reusable brush handles, our biodegradable nozzle wipes, or even treat yourself to some lashes, safe in the knowledge that you can completely recycle the packaging! 

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