Valentine’s Day Lash Inspo | How to Prepare for Valentine’s Day as a Lash Technician

As Valentine's Day approaches, we have to remember that it’s not just about romantic dinners and bouquets of roses. For Lash Technicians, it's a time to showcase creativity and skill, offering clients the perfect lash looks to complement their Valentine's Day plans. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a Galentine's gathering, or a night enjoying your own company, the right lash extensions can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll provide some inspirational lash styles and share tips on how to prepare for the Valentine's rush.

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Valentine's Lash Inspiration

1. Colored Lash Extensions:

Colored lashes are all the rage, and Valentine's is the perfect occasion to experiment with them. You can suggest colors like deep reds or purples for clients wanting a more daring look, or softer pastel tones for a gentle, romantic vibe.

2. Pink Lash Extensions:

Valentine's Day is synonymous with pink, making pink lashes a top choice for clients looking to add a playful, romantic touch to their look. Pink lash extensions can range from subtle hints of color to bold, vibrant shades, catering to a variety of preferences. If your client simply wants a pop of pink, adding pink lashes to the top lash line is the perfect way to do so. If your client wants to go all out, then you could apply those pink lashes on the bottom lash line, create an ombre effect, or even leave the black lashes out altogether!

Black and pink eyelash extensions set

3. Ombre Lashes:

Ombre lashes, which involves blending two colors seamlessly together, are a fantastic choice for clients wanting something unique and eye-catching. Imagine creating a lash set that involves transitioning from a soft pink to vibrant red – perfect for a Valentine's date! We’ve got a colored lashes guide that’s definitely worth the read if you’re looking to create stunning, vibrant lashes. If you want to easily create an ombre lash set, check out our NEW Ombre Lashes!

Purple lash extensions on the bottom lash line

4. Cat Eye Lashes:

For clients aiming for a sultry lash look, Cat Eye lash extensions are the go-to! No matter what time of year, Cat Eye lashes have always been popular among clients. The elongated outer corners of this lash style add an alluring lift to the eyes. Whether it be Volume or Cat Eye Hybrid lashes, combining different lengths and curls can create an even more captivating effect. If you want to learn how to create a stunning and sleek Cat Eye, check out our Cat Eye Lash Mapping Guide!

5. Half Lashes and Fox Eye Lashes:

Half lashes and Fox Eye lashes, are styles that are continuing to trend as natural lash looks and are skyrocketing in popularity! For a set of Half lashes, you’ll focus on applying the longer lash lengths to the outer half of the eyes to create the perfect lash style for your clients who want a ‘my lashes but better look’. Whereas Fox Eye lashes, which elongate the shape of the eyes, are excellent for your clients who seek a more subtle yet sultry enhancement. These two styles are perfect for those who want to embrace the spirit of Valentine's without going over the top.

Half lash extensions for Valentine's Day

Preparing for Valentine's Day

1. Stock Up on Supplies:

For any seasonal occasion, it’s best to stock up on lashes that you think will be in demand. Ensure you have a variety of lashes, especially in popular Valentine's-themed styles like pink lash extensions, in fact any colored lash extensions, and Extreme L-curl lashes. Don't forget to make sure you’re also stocked up on the essentials like adhesivespretreatment products, and under-eye pads!

2. Offer Special Packages:

Why not treat your lash clients by creating special Valentine's packages or promotions? You could consider pairing lash services with other treatments like a brow lamination or a mini-facial for a complete Valentine's makeover. Even if your clients aren’t prepping for Valentine’s Day, it’s always a good idea to have promotions in order to treat your regulars and to tempt potential clients too!

Pink eyelash extensions for lash techs

3. Decorate Your Space:

Embrace the Valentine's theme in your salon! A few tasteful decorations can create a welcoming atmosphere - think heart-shaped cushions, pink and red accents, and maybe even display your pink lashes, it might encourage your clients to step out of their comfort zone. 

4. Update Your Portfolio:

It’s always good to try and position yourself as an innovator online, so if you’re showcasing lashes that other Lash Techs and clients are in awe of, as a result, your following, reputation, and client base will grow! So, this Valentine’s day create a buzz for your business and refresh your website and socials with images of Valentine's-themed lashes. You can showcase a range of styles from subtle pinks to dramatic Cat Eyes that not only will inspire your clients, but also exhibit your skills as a Lash Artist.

5. Aftercare Kits and Cute Gifts:

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to provide aftercare kits that not only ensure the longevity of your clients' lash extensions, but also look super cute too! You can add a nice Valentine’s touch to your kits by including cute gifts like pink lash brushes or heart-shaped chocolates. These thoughtful gestures can enhance client satisfaction and loyalty, and will look great on your reception desk or vanity.

Applying lash extensions with lash tweezers

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for Lash Technicians to showcase their artistry and help clients to feel their best and express themselves. By offering a range of styles and preparing your salon for the Valentine's rush, you can ensure that your clients will leave your lash studio feeling happier than ever, and you can get some great lash content out of it too!