Ombre Lashes & Colored Lashes: Everything You Need to Know 

When it comes to eyelash extensions, there is no limit as to how creative you as a lash technician can be. We’re well versed in the many lash styles we can create to suit our client’s desired look and eye shape: squirrel, dolly, fox, cat eye... the options are endless!

But how about when it comes to color? It’s easy to assume that black will be every client’s go-to and, more often than not, this likely will be the most popular color choice. However, in recent years, colored and ombre lashes have rapidly grown in popularity (and not only during the holiday season!)

What are ombre lashes?

Ombre lashes are ideal for creating quirky, colorful lash sets and can be as subtle or as bold as you’d like them to be. Ombre lash extensions tend to be black or very dark at the root, gradually fading into a different color gradient towards the tips. They can come in a range of colours, from striking purples to pastel pinks. 

What are colored lashes?

Colored lashes are slightly different - these are one color from root to tip. Again, they come in a variety of colors - at London Lash, we offer a stunning range of colored lashes including everything from rusty reds to minty greens.

colored lashes, colored eyelash extensions

As with ombre lashes, colored lash sets can be both daring or discreet depending on the look your client would like to achieve. If they’re going all out for a festival, you could opt for a mix of complementary colors, or if your client is trying out colored lashes for the first time and wants to be a little more subtle, interspersing one color throughout classic black extensions could be the perfect way for them to test the waters. 

ombre lashes, colored lashes

When can colored and ombre lashes be used?

This is entirely up to the client! There’s no right or wrong time to try out colored or ombre lash extensions but there are some specific occasions which might see an increase in demand: 

1. The festive season 

We’ve mentioned festivals, but what about the festive season?! Colored lashes in traditional Christmas colors such as red and green are an amazing, fun way to get into the Christmas spirit. Again, clients don’t need to go all out if they’d prefer something a little more stripped back, simply having a few red and green extensions scattered throughout a conventional black lash set can really spice it up. 

2. To create Mermaid or Unicorn lash sets

You may have heard of unicorn and mermaid lashes - these became very popular in 2017/8. Mermaid lashes consist of purple, ocean blue, and green lash extensions whereas unicorn lashes are typically made up of pink, purple and blue extensions.

Either way, both of these styles are a fabulous way to create a gorgeous blend of colors. In the same way that bright, colorful eyeshadows can enhance and complement our eye color, so too can colored semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  

3. To replace colored mascara

If your client has previously mentioned that they enjoy experimenting with colored mascara to complement their eye color, why not suggest colored or ombre lashes instead? While colored mascara only lasts a matter of hours until you wash your makeup off, semi permanent lashes can last for weeks.

Less effort and less time spent applying mascara each day - what’s not to love? Ombre lashes can appear more subtle than colored mascara due to their darker root, making them perfect for those who love the effect of colored mascara but need something more discreet for work. 

Can colored lashes be used to create an ombre lash look?

Absolutely - you don’t necessarily need ombre extensions to achieve an ombre lash set. Using colored lashes, lash technicians can create a gradient by starting with a darker shade of one color on the outer corners, gradually lightening in tones towards the inner corners. 

Alternatively, by using black lashes on the bottom layer or two and then colored lashes on the top layer will achieve an ombre effect like effect when your client opens their eyes!

Hopefully this blog post provides some inspiration for both you and your clients when it comes to experimenting with colored or ombre lashes!