Ombre Lashes & Colored Lashes: Everything You Need to Know 

When you’re a Lash Tech who’s obsessed with lashes, the sky's the limit when you’re looking to unleash your creativity. We're all familiar with the plethora of lash styles available to tailor to our client's wishes and their unique eye shapes: from Squirrel and Dolly to Fox and Cat-eye, the possibilities are boundless! But what about when it comes to introducing color into the mix? It might be easy to default to black as the color choice for most clients, and indeed, it often is the preferred option. Yet, in recent years, there's been a noticeable surge in the popularity of colored and ombre lashes - and not just for the holiday season!

Coloured lashes with green, pink, and blue lashes

What Exactly Are Ombre Lashes?

Ombre lashes offer a fun, vibrant option for those looking to add a pop of color to their lash sets, allowing for both subtle and bold statements. Ombre lashes typically feature a black or very dark root that gradually fades into a different color towards the tips, available in a spectrum of shades from bold purples to soft pastels.

What Are Colored Lashes?

Colored lashes, on the other hand, maintain a consistent color from root to tip. At London Lash, for instance, we boast an impressive selection of colored lashes in hues ranging from deep rusty reds to refreshing mint greens.

Colored lash extensions range for Lash Technicians

Both ombre and colored lash sets can be customized to be as understated or as eye-catching as your client desires. For a festival-ready look, a blend of complementary colors might be the way to go. Alternatively, for those new to the world of colored lashes and seeking a more subtle introduction, adding a few colored extensions amidst classic black ones could offer a gentle yet striking effect.

ombre lashes, colored lashes

When Are Colored and Ombre Lashes Most Suitable?

The beauty of colored and ombre lash extensions is that they're perfect for any occasion, as per the client's preference. However, certain events might inspire a higher demand for these playful options:

The Holiday Season

Think beyond festivals to the holiday season. Opting for traditional Christmas hues like red and green can be a delightful and spirited way to embrace the festive cheer; and for those preferring a more toned-down look, a few strategically placed colored extensions within a standard black set can add just the right touch of holiday spirit.

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Mermaid or Unicorn-Themed Sets

The unicorn and mermaid lashes trends, which gained traction around 2017/2018, is another creative use for colored lashes. Mermaid lashes blend purples, ocean blues, and greens, while Unicorn lashes mix pinks, purples, and blues for a magical color combination that enhances the natural beauty of the eye, much like vibrant eyeshadow. 

Green glitter eyelash extensions

An Alternative to Colored Mascara

Colored mascara is currently flying off the shelves in drugstores, whether that be a subtle burgundy or an eyepopping blue.  For clients who love the look of colored mascara, why not suggest a more lasting solution with colored or ombre lashes? Unlike mascara, which washes off, semi-permanent lashes can maintain their stunning appearance for weeks, offering both convenience and a daily time-saving solution. Ombre lashes, with their darker roots, can provide a subtler alternative for those needing to maintain a more discreet look for work.

Can Colored Lashes Achieve an Ombre Effect?

Definitely! You don't need specific ombre extensions to create an ombre effect. By using colored lashes of varying shades, lash artists can craft a gradient effect, starting with darker shades on the outer corners and lightening towards the inner corners. Or, by layering black lashes beneath colored ones, an ombre-like appearance is achieved when the eyes are open.

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Carry on your educational journey and check out our Colored Lashes Guide to discover how to incorporate colored lashes into your lash sets. Free lash maps included!