If Your Clients Are Lucky Enough To Be Attending Coachella This Year, Be Sure To Offer Them These Treatments

We are in the midst of Coachella, and after seeing all of the fabulous outfits and hairstyles from the first weekend, we need to have our say. Do you know what would make your clients’ unreal fits even more glamorous? Eyelash extensions of course! We are rearing and ready to go when it comes to the festival season - and we hope you are too.

From crazy and colorful lashes to toned-down lash sets, we are here to give you some inspo for your upcoming festival eyelash extensions!

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Gorgeous sparkly lashes by @darja_lashandbrowsecrets

Colored Lash Extensions

Colorful lashes are a given when it comes to festival season, in our opinion anyway. It’s the perfect time to go wild and create the most beautiful colored eyelash extensions - because why not, we all love to stand out once in a while, right? 

At London Lash, we have a gorgeous array of vibrant colored lashes from forest greens to fiery reds and oranges. We are obsessed with an eye-catching pop of color. Imagine standing in front of the iconic Ferris wheel to take an insta-worthy pic, and your colorful lashes are glistening in the sun - your clients' lash pics will be unmatched! 

If your client is going to Coachella or any festival that is, creating colored highlights or an ombre effect is a must! Highlights include mixing colored lashes with black lash extensions. This is the perfect way to add a subtle pop of color to a client’s lashes and can be easily done to spruce up a Russian volume set. 

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An ombre lash set is created by mixing two similar tones to create a seamless blend. Lilac to deep violetfuchsia to hot pink, or silver to pale blue - the options are endless. Conveniently, our trays of colored extensions each include two complementary colors, so you don’t even need to think about which shades to use - it’s as simple as that! 

You can create a gradient by placing a darker shade in the outer corners and lighter lashes towards the inner, resulting in a light-dark effect. Alternatively, layer your lashes and apply colored lash extensions over black lashes to get a fluffy ombre effect.

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Mega Volume Lashes

Mega-volume Russian lashes are a cult favorite in the lashing world! Thanks to the famous Kim K lash trend, wispy lashes are dominating the lash scene. Mega volume lash extensions are the ideal treatment for clients who don't want to go as crazy as colored lashes but still want a bold and glam look.

Well, we’ve got news for you! Creating a mega volume set is easily achievable withLondon Lash’s Easy Fanning Lashes. Super lightweight and soft, resulting in the fluffiest and most glamorous lash set EVER. What’s not to love?

Our Mega Volume Faux Mink Mayfair Lashes and Mega Volume Chelsea Silk Lashes are also AMAZING when it comes to creating stunning Russian volume fans. These lashes are lightweight and fine and are available in any curl that you could wish for. The bespoke lash looks are endless!

If you want to make your lashing life slightly easier, the London LashMayfair Premade Fans are ready-made, just pick up and go! These must-have lashes are perfect for a dramatic festival volume set.volume lash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, mega volume lashes

Discover more about our lashes in A Guide To London Lash US Lashes

Wet Look Lash Extensions

Does your client want a natural and spiky look? A wet look lash set is just what they need!  As the name suggests, the aim is to create a spiky and wispy finish that appears ‘wet’. Picture stepping out of the shower, looking in the mirror, and being in awe with your long and nourished-looking lashes - that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

If your client is going for a boho chic vibe, then wet lashes are a must! Natural-looking lashes but with an added oomph, they are to die for. Just like the Kim K Lashes they are spiky, wispy, and eye-catching - tick, tick, tick.

We love this technique as it breaks the rules, and we love experimenting with our lashes. The wet lash technique involves using volume lashes, but instead of fanning them out, you are aiming for closed fans or spikes. It’s giving… I woke up like this vibes - which is perfect for any festival camper who doesn't want to do their lashes in the morning.wet set lashes, wet lashes look, wet look lash extensions

Check out our Wet Look Lashes Tutorial to find out more!


Go even further if you offer gel nails and experiment! You can create some funky sets with our wide array of Miss Dolla gel nail shades. I hear bespoke mixed designs are back in style for summer!

If any of our fellow lash techs or clients are going to Coachella this weekend, have fun! Major FOMO over here at the London Lash HQ.