Maximizing Your Skillset: Effective Ways to Expand Your Lash Treatments | 6 Ways You Can Expand Your Treatment List as a Lash Technician

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s going on in the beauty industry lately, then you’ll most likely have seen the buzz around this question: Is the lash industry dying? If you’d like to know more about what our thoughts are on the matter, we talk more about it in this blog post. However, in response to the ever-evolving beauty industry, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at how you can maximize your skills and expand your treatment list to get more clients and increase your income! Are you ready to change up your treatment list and keep your clients excited? Then let's explore some ways in which you can expand your offerings and keep those appointment books full!

Different lash treatments on different models

1. Explore Beyond the Basics

Now, we’re not saying that lash extensions are basic, in fact, they’re anything but! We’re more talking about stepping out of your comfort zone. Since eyelash extensions came to be, lash services have seriously branched out from the classic black lashes, with clients wanting to have the newest, trending lash styles. As a pro, adding different types of lash treatments can help you cater to a broader client base and individual preferences. Here's what you should consider adding to your services:


Brown Lash Extensions and Colored Lashes: While black lashes are a staple, offering more natural-looking brown lash extensions or even vibrant colored lash extensions can attract clients looking for a more subtle or uniquely personalized look. These options are great for clients wanting to get a closer match to their natural lash color or wanting to experiment with their appearance in a more bold and colorful way. 

Colored lash extensions

Trending Styles: Now that we’ve discussed the color of the lashes themselves, let’s move on to styling. Do you offer personalized lash services to your clients based on their eye shape and facial features? Do you promote trending lash styles such as Wet Look Lashes, Kim K, or Angel Lashes? If the answer is no, then why not?!


Lash Lifts: lash lift is a fantastic option for clients who desire a stunning curl without the maintenance of extensions. This treatment makes natural lashes look longer and fuller, a popular choice for clients seeking a low-maintenance beauty routine that is reflective of the trending ‘clean girl aesthetic’.

Lash lift results

2. Expand Into Brow Services

What better way to compliment those stunning lash sets than with a pair of gorgeously defined brows? Expanding your services to include brow treatments can help significantly boost your business:


Brow Lamination: Brow lamination involve a semi-permanent chemical treatment, like a perm, that helps the brows to appear thicker, more defined, and darker (if tinted). With this treatment, as the brow hairs have been relaxed, you can then style them in whichever way your client wants, and they will stay! It's a highly sought-after complementary treatment to any lash service, providing an all-encompassing eye makeover.


Henna Brows: Brow henna is a natural dye that tints the brows and skin beneath, giving them a fuller appearance with long-lasting color for up to six weeks on the hair and two weeks on the skin. It is a great alternative to traditional brow tinting as it lasts longer and can be used for clients who are allergic to regular tint due to its more naturally derived formula. If your clients want to enhance their brow shape and add definition without committing to a treatment like microblading, then this is the option to choose! 

brow lamination treatment

3. Offer Complete Eye Packages

Creating bundled services that combine lashes and brows can be an effective way to increase sales while providing holistic beauty solutions. Packages like a "Full Eye Makeover" or a "Brow and Lash Refresh" encourage clients to indulge in multiple services during a single visit. These packages could even be advertised with an incentive like a discount, making it more tempting for clients to book in for both services rather than just one.

Lash extensions and brow package

4. Introduce Nail Services

While lashes and brows may be your specialty, dipping your toes (and fingers) into nail services can also help to attract a new client demographic and keep your regulars coming back for more. Manicures and pedicures also offer the perfect package-deal opportunity:


Gel Nails: Known for their durability and glossy shine, gel nails are very popular among clients and a staple beauty service! Offering gel nails means you can give your clients the option of coming to you rather than making multiple trips to other salons. Additionally, they require regular upkeep, thus guaranteeing return visits, so it also gives your clients a good reason to visit regularly for maintenance.


Pedicures: Pedicures are the perfect treatment to offer alongside a gel nail service. They are a relaxing beauty treatment that usually involves soaking their feet, a thorough exfoliation, and a deep moisturization, often finished with a stylish gel nail polish. 

Applying gel nail polish to client's nails

5. Training and Certification

To keep your skills sharp and your offerings competitive, keep learning! New techniques, workshops, certifications—it all counts. It’s also important to flaunt those credentials in your lash studio or on your socials. It builds trust and shows your clients they're in expert hands.

6. Marketing Your Expanded Services

Once you’ve expanded your treatment list, then it’s time to amp up your marketing. Utilize social media to showcase before-and-after photos of your new services, and consider running promotions to encourage clients to try them out. Seasonal promotions or special occasion packages can really draw clients in. Think bridal packages, prom specials, or holiday-themed beauty bundles. These can be a huge hit and bring in heaps of new clients! Email marketing can also be effective for informing your existing client base about your new offerings. If you’d like to learn about even more top marketing tips, then check out this blog post.

Woman who is learning to do lash and brow treatments

Expanding your treatment list is about more than just adding new services, it's also about growing your business with smart strategies to help you adapt it to fit your clients' evolving needs. By branching out into new services, you’ll not only boost your income but also enhance your clients' satisfaction and loyalty!