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Lately, there’s been quite the buzz about the lash industry—specifically, some worries floating around on social media platforms about whether the lash industry is on its way out. Let’s clear the air right from the start: the lash industry isn’t dying. However, it is definitely changing, and that’s what we’re diving into today.

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What’s Really Happening in the Lash Industry?

It’s true that the demand for lash treatments has seen some ups and downs, which is pretty standard for any beauty trend. Especially in the U.S., there’s a noticeable shift with more and more lash brands and Lash Techs popping up, thanks to the influencer culture boom. What’s happening now is that lash treatments are  specifically being marketed as a ‘luxury service,’ as they should be because they aren’t a necessary treatment – they’re a beauty treatment that evokes a luxurious feeling and enhances a client's look. However, some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of their treatments and are considering alternatives.

Besides traditional lash extensions, we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of alternatives like lash lifts, cluster lashes, and lash serums. This shift could be tied to the 'clean girl aesthetic' or just the economic shifts after the pandemic. It makes sense—these options are often more budget-friendly and easier for clients to manage at home. Yet, there’s always a crowd that will stick to eyelash extensions for their effortless glam and because they fit perfectly into their monthly beauty budgets, one’s routine, and lifestyle. If you’ve read this blog post, then you’ll know all about our opinion on cluster lashes. We can currently feel it, a shift in the industry, but is it actually a negative one?

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Why It’s a Great Time for Lash Treatments

Today marks an excellent time for lash treatments, thanks to unprecedented advancements in products, technology, and education. With these advancements in products, technology, and training, Lash Technicians today can offer better and safer lash extensions than ever before! These innovations mean that lash extensions can be completely customized and tailored to suit each client’s unique look and preferences—something that wasn’t as easily achievable in the past. We know that there are many lash horror stories out there about stickies, the natural lashes being damaged by lash extensions, or the style of lash not suiting the client one bit – this is why the lash industry is getting a bad rep! This has nothing to do with the treatment itself, it’s down to the Lash Tech and the quality of training and products that are available to them. 

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How to Market Your Lash Business in This Evolving Industry

Now, is there an opportunity for you to capitalize on this changing landscape? Always. Navigating a market that feels like it's shifting can be challenging, but it’s also ripe with opportunities. The key to thriving in what some might perceive as a 'dying' industry lies in effective marketing and highlighting the unique value of lash extension services. Here are some strategies to help your lash business stand out:

Emphasize Luxury and Customization: Reinforce the luxury aspect of lash services. Educate potential and existing clients about the bespoke nature of your services, which are far superior to any off-the-shelf solutions. To put it simply, make sure your clients understand that what you offer goes beyond the basics – your services are luxurious, personalized experiences that can’t be replicated by DIY lash kits. You can also highlight how lash extensions are not just about enhancing beauty but are a part of an essential beauty regime for many, as they are pretty low maintenance.

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Leverage Testimonials and Social Proof: Nothing speaks louder than happy clients. Showcase your client testimonials, before-and-after shots, and detailed reviews. This not only builds trust but also visually demonstrates the quality of your work. Clients are looking for a trusted lash extension service, and they need to know that your prices reflect the quality of work, and this is a great way to do that.

Educate Your Audience: Share content that educates potential clients about the advancements in lash technology and the benefits of professional lash extensions compared to DIY solutions. This can include blog posts, fun reels, or live demonstrations on social media. Just get it out there!

Offer Tailored Experiences: Distinguish your services by offering customized lash sets designed to complement individual client features. We’re sure you do, but as a handful of Lash Techs don’t, it’s really important to promote that this is something you do! Let clients know that you can create lash sets that are uniquely theirs, unlike anything they’d find from using strip or cluster lashes.

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Focus on Client Retention: We always preach this, but it’s important to engage with your existing client base through loyalty programs, regular follow-ups, and personalized offers. A happy client not only returns but also brings friends!

Offer Alternative Treatments: We’ve all noticed the rise in other lash treatments, such as lash lifts or gel nails for example, so why not offer them? If you’re trained in various other treatments, now is the best time to offer them to clients who may be moving away from lash extensions. This goes for staying on-trend too – if you see a lash style that’s trending and you want to try it out, go for it!

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Industry Insights

From the chatter among Lash Techs online, it’s clear: those who adapt are those who succeed. One tech shared, "The lash industry isn’t dying; the quality of work is. We’re seeing a fallout from those who tried to make a quick buck without focusing on the craft.” Another noted, “As artists, we need to remember that we are offering an experience, a luxury service tailored specifically towards each one of our clients. I have a fully booked week because I offer custom lash sets created for my clients' features!”. Trust us, we’ve been listening! People want something special, not just the standard looks they can get anywhere else, so as Lash Techs, we need to continue to maintain high standards andprofessional integrity.

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So, is the lash industry dying? Far from it. It’s evolving and growing, and those prepared to adapt and innovate are reaping the benefits. For Lash Technicians, focusing on quality, customizable sets, client experience, and your marketing efforts will not only sustain but will also help to expand your client base. Keep up the great work, embrace these changes, and let your business not just survive but thrive in this dynamically shifting landscape.