The Perfect Lash Styles for Men | Lash Maps Suitable for Male Lashes

Lash extensions aren't just a hit among women—more and more men are discovering how a subtle lash enhancement can make a big difference in their looks. If you're a Lash Technician looking to expand your services to include male clients, or you're just curious about what lash styles work for men, you've come to the right place. Here’s a straightforward rundown of lash extensions that are perfect for men, along with some tips on how to apply them.

Lash Extensions on Male Model

Can Men Wear Lash Extensions?

Absolutely! Lash extensions are a versatile beauty enhancement suitable for anyone looking to accentuate their eyes. For men, the key lies in choosing styles that complement their natural lash pattern while maintaining a masculine appearance. Of course, this is completely dependent on what your client asks for, but from our experience, men typically prefer more natural-style lashes. The emphasis is often on subtlety and natural enhancement rather than dramatic volume, so we recommend applying lash extensions on a 1-1 ratio rather than volume fans unless your client wants them. Lash extensions are a great way for anyone to subtly enhance their eyes, but the trick for men is usually choosing styles that enhance while maintaining a natural look that doesn’t scream "I’ve got extensions!"

Nude look lash extensions on a man

Lash Extension Styles Suitable for Men

Let’s break down some of the most suitable lash styles and maps that are perfect for male clients:

1. Squirrel Lashes

If you’re already accustomed to creating squirrel lash sets, then you most probably know by now that it’s the most versatile lash map. A squirrel lash map follows the natural lash growth of an eyebrow arch, so of course, it’s going to be perfect for male lashes! Think of these as a way to subtly lift the lashes with a natural sweep. Our regular Squirrel maps usually follow lengths varying from 8 to 12mm, but for a more toned-down look, we have utilized lengths ranging from 4mm to 10mm, as shown below. By using lengths from 4mm to 10mm with more natural curls such as B and C, the squirrel lash style lifts whilst adding volume at the same time. The variation in length helps achieve a natural, upward-sweeping curve that enhances the eye’s natural shape without appearing overly dramatic. It's an excellent choice for men who have naturally straight or downward-angling lashes but are looking for a subtle lift. If you want to know how to follow a squirrel lash map to a T, check out this blog post!

Squirrel lashes are the perfect choice for clients who:

  • Have lashes that naturally grow downwards.
  • Have downturned eyes.
  • Have a pronounced brow-to-lash line distance. 
  • Have a close set of eyes.
Squirrel lash map for men

2. Natural Lash Style

With lengths between 6mm and 9mm, this style is inspired by the squirrel lash map but simplified to fewer sections and lengths. It’s designed to boost the natural lash line subtly, enhancing thickness and length without noticeable artifice by following the natural growth of the lashes. This style is ideal for those new to eyelash extensions or men who prefer a barely-there enhancement. Just like our other male lash maps, we advise using B, C, or CC curls if your client wants a more natural look. If your client is new to lash extensions or prefers a look that’s not too far off what nature gave them, this is the style to go for. Using lengths of 5mm to 9mm and dropping down by 1mm at a time from the center of the lash line to the outer and inner corner, this style enhances their lashes without making it obvious that your client has had their lashes done. The other most natural option is a nude look…

Natural lash extensions lash map for men

3. Nude Look

Nude-look lashes are perfect for those who want to enhance their eyes in a subtle way. They are designed to give a natural boost to one's lashes without making it obvious that extensions are being worn, similar to a natural lash style. The Nude Look employs lengths of 6mm to 10mm in B, C, or CC curls, creating a soft and subtle curl that mimics the natural lash but with a bit more definition and openness to the eye. This style is perfect for men who want a noticeable yet understated enhancement that doesn’t stray far from their natural look, but adds more length than the natural lash map. If you haven’t already, check out our Natural Lash Extensions Guide for everything you need to know about natural, nude, and natural hybrid lashes!

Nude look lash map for men

4. Ken Dolly

Inspired by the classic "dolly" style but modified for a more natural masculine look, this uses lengths of 5mm to 9mm and is perfect for clients with a wide, monolid, or downturned set of eyes. We, of course, had to call it the Ken Dolly for reasons that don’t need explaining! Like a regular dolly, the Ken Dolly focuses on creating a rounded, open-eyed look that is balanced but instead is not too dramatic, suitable for men’s shorter natural lash lengths but looking to add a noticeable curve. So, if you're well versed in our Dolly lash map, then you’ll already be a pro at the Ken Dolly, as when mapping, you split your sections into nine like a regular Dolly, but use shorter lengths of 5-9mm, rather than 7 to 11mm. It aims to create a balanced, open-eye effect that’s noticeable yet subtle. If you want to learn how to map a regular Dolly lash set, check out this blog post!

Dolly lash map for men

Choosing the Right Lashes for Men

For male clients, it's crucial to select lighter and less dramatic curls to closely mimic their natural lashes. Here are a few tips for lash technicians:

Consultation Is Key: Like any lash extension treatment, always start with a detailed consultation to understand your client’s style preferences and what they hope to achieve with their lashes. This will help you choose the most appropriate style.

Customization: It’s important to customize the lash map to suit the individual’s eye shape and natural lash condition. This tailored approach ensures the extensions look natural and subtly enhance the client’s features. Personalization makes all the difference!

Lash Preferences: Your client may not want to opt for regular black lashes, they may want a more natural toned brown! Don’t always assume. Our Classic eyelash extensions and brown lash extensions ranges are perfect for creating these male-specific lash styles.

lash extensions for men

Lash extensions can be a game-changer for men! With the right lash extension style, you can enhance your client's natural lashes in a way that feels comfortable and authentic. So don't hesitate to utilize our lash maps – we’re sure they’re in safe hands – and make sure to promote your lash extension services to potential male clients!