Why Using Baby Shampoo or Micellar Water to Clean Lash Extensions is a Bad Idea

When it comes to looking after eyelash extensions, you'd think reaching for something as gentle as baby shampoo makes sense, right? If we think back to 2017, this was actually the popular advice! This advice is now super outdated and, in fact, potentially harmful. But let's chat about why this old tip is no longer the way to go and why specialized products like a foaming lash shampoo are your best bet.

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How Lash Care Advice Has Changed Over the Years

Initially, the go-to advice for post-lash extension care involved using everyday products like baby shampoo. This advice was based on the fact that it's gentle on the skin and eyes. However, it was not developed with lash extensions in mind, which meant that it wasn’t safety tested for use around the sensitive eye area when used in this context. Thankfully, times have changed. While baby shampoo is gentle and wasn’t known to cause immediate harm, it’s a bit like using hand soap to wash your hair—sure, it's soap, but it’s just not going to do the best job. As the industry has evolved, so has our understanding of what really works for eyelash extensions.

At London Lash, we take pride in developing specialized products, such as foaming lash shampoo, that are specifically made for lash extensions. We developed our own foaming lash shampoo after realizing that generic products like baby shampoo or micellar water just weren’t cutting it. Our product development was driven by feedback and real-time observations from working Lash Technicians who noticed the shortcomings of generic cleaning products such as baby shampoo and micellar water!

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Why Baby Shampoo and Micellar Water Are Not Ideal

While baby shampoo and micellar water are touted for their gentleness, they fall short in several areas when it comes to lash extension care:


Lack of Specific Formulation: Neither baby shampoo nor micellar water is formulated to clean the unique materials and adhesives used in lash extension sets. 

Inadequate Cleaning: These products do not effectively address the build-up of oils and makeup residue specific to eyelash extensions.

Potential for Residue: Baby shampoo can leave residues that weaken the lash glue bonds, leading to quicker fallout and reduced longevity.

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The Benefits of Using Specialized Lash Shampoo

Understanding the unique needs of eyelash extensions led to the creation of products like our lash shampoo. We created our lash shampoo because we saw a need for something that really works! Our formula includes tea tree extract, which isn't just a buzz ingredient—it's a powerful natural antibacterial that helps maintain the cleanliness and health of the lashes, eyelids, and eyes.

Here are the key benefits of using a specialized lash extension shampoo: 


Deep Cleans: It gets right into the lash line, cleaning out all the gunk without being harsh.

No Harmful Residues: Unlike baby shampoo, lash shampoo rinses off cleanly without leaving behind residues that could impact lash retention or irritate the eye if used correctly.

Formulated for Safety: Our products are specifically tested for use around the eyes, ensuring safety and compatibility with lash extensions, which gives you peace of mind.

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How to Clean Lash Extensions at Home

For those looking to maintain their lash extensions at home, here’s how you can do it right:


Avoid Common Substitutes: Skip the baby shampoo & micellar water. These are not meant for lash extensions and can do more harm than good. Even if used gently with a cotton pad, cotton can get trapped in the glue bonds, which is a nightmare!

Pick a Proper Lash Shampoo: Use a lash extension shampoo formulated for this specific purpose, like our London Lash foaming lash shampoo. 

Be Gentle:Use a clean lash brush or your fingertips to softly work the shampoo through the lashes.

Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure all shampoo is thoroughly rinsed away to prevent any irritation or buildup, which can affect retention. 


If you want more in-depth instructions on how to use our lash shampoo, check out our How to Clean Lash Extensions’ blog post! For more on aftercare, take a look at our Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Guide.

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Using baby shampoo or micellar water for your lash extensions might seem like a gentle and safe choice, but it’s really not suited for the job. As professionals in the lash industry, it’s our job to recommend products that not only make lash extensions look fabulous but also take care of overall eye health. Investing in the right products, like a specialized lash shampoo, ensures you’re providing the best care possible. Check out our range of dedicated lash care products and make sure you’re giving your clients’ lash extensions the love they deserve!