Yes! We’ll Tell You Why | Top Reasons Why Eyelash Extension Aftercare is Vital | A Lash Tech & Client Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned Lash Tech or a beginner, a client, or someone who knows barely anything about lash extensions, you’ll most definitely know that eyelash extensions can completely transform someone’s look, making their eyes pop like never before! But, just like all the best things in life, they need a bit of TLC – they require proper care to maintain them and ensure eye and lash safety. If you’re a Lash Tech or thinking about getting extensions, then stick with us—we’re going to walk you through why taking care of eyelash extensions is key, with expert advice on how to maintain them properly.

Lash aftercare instructions

Why Is Lash Extension Aftercare Important?

1. Preventing Eye Infections

Believe it or not, keeping lash extensions clean isn’t just about beauty—it’s about health, too. One of the main reasons lash extension aftercare is essential is to prevent eye infections such as blepharitis or the onset of lash mites (yikes!). These issues can arise from improper hygiene and care of lash extensions. Regularly cleansing the lash extensions with a gentle lash shampoo can help prevent the buildup of bacteria and debris along the lash line, which is crucial for maintaining eye health.

We go into more detail about blepharitis and lash mites in this blog post, if you can stomach it! 

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2. Extending the Life of Lash Extensions

Who doesn’t want to keep their lash extensions looking fabulous for as long as possible? Proper aftercare not only maintains the health of your clients’ natural lashes but also extends the longevity of the extensions themselves. Gently cleaning them at least once a day with a lash shampoo and lash brush, and brushing the extensions regularly with a mascara wand will prevent tangles and fallout, ensuring that the lash extensions look fuller and last longer. It simply takes a few minutes to clean the lashes, and can easily be incorporated into both a morning and evening routine, and brushing the lashes–well, that takes no time at all!

Brushing lash extensions

3. Protecting Your Investment

This reason is probably the most well-known reason! Ever noticed that lash extensions can get a bit lackluster after some time, and with exposure to the elements? Daily wear, exposure to dust, and makeup can leave lash extensions looking dull and clumpy if they aren’t being brushed or washed properly. Regular cleansing with a lash extension shampoo specifically designed for eyelash extensions can remove any buildup and residue, keeping those lashes looking fresh and prolonging their retention. Proper aftercare is definitely a must if your clients want the investment of their time and money on their lash extensions to be worth it! The last thing they’ll want is for their lashes to be looking gappy just a week after application, so it’s important to keep them as full as possible between lash fill appointments.

lash shampoo on a lash brush

How to Take Care of Lash Extensions: Simple Steps for Your Clients to Follow

Daily Maintenance

Brushing Regularly: Using a clean mascara wand to gently brush their r extensions every morning and throughout the day will help maintain their neatness and prevent them from crisscrossing and tangling.

Gently Cleansing:Cleaning eyelash extensions with a foam lash shampoo and using a clean lash brush to gently work through the lashes will help to remove oils and potential irritants.

cleaning lash extensions

What to Avoid

Avoid Oil-Based Products:Oil-based makeup, makeup removers, and cleansers can compromise the bonds between the adhesive used on lash extensions and the natural lashes, causing them to fall out prematurely. Not what we want! Instead, advise clients to opt for oil-free products that are safe for use around the eyes.

No Waterproof Mascara: While mascara isn’t typically necessary with lash extensions, if your client still chooses to use it, then make sure that they avoid using any waterproof mascaras. Waterproof mascaras are a nightmare to remove, and will most likely end up in premature lash loss from the friction and pulling on the lashes to remove it. Check out our ‘How to Wear Makeup Without Ruining Your Lash Extensions’ for more on this!

wearing false lashes with lash extensions

Professional Maintenance

Regular Infills: If your clients want to maintain their gorgeous lashes, then encourage them to visit you for regular infills every 2-3 weeks, depending on their natural lash growth cycle and their level of aftercare at home.

Lash Cleansing: It’s also important as a Lash Tech that you make sure that all of your clients know how to clean their lashes, guiding them through the process and answering any questions they may have. This way, you won’t have to worry about them not knowing what to do once they leave your lash studio.

Lash extension infill

Why Professional Products Matter

Lash Shampoo

A good quality lash shampoo is formulated to be gentle yet effective in cleansing the lash area, and that’s why purchasing a high-quality lash shampoo is super important. These shampoos help maintain the health of both the lash extensions and the natural lashes, so always choose professional products and avoid generic facial cleansers as they may not be suitable for delicate areas like the eyes and quite often can actually cause dryness, irritation, or premature shedding–that too goes for baby shampoo and micellar water! 

Using the Right Tools

Using the correct tools such as a soft lash brush for cleansing and a clean, dry mascara wand for daily brushing can make a significant difference in the overall health and appearance of lash extensions. These tools help keep the lash extensions free from debris and are fundamental for an effective aftercare process. 

Applying lash shampoo to a lash brush

Lash extension aftercare is not just a recommendation—it's a necessity for anyone looking to maintain healthy, beautiful lashes. Proper aftercare helps prevent eye health issues and extends the retention of extensions, keeping them looking their best.  After all, the beauty of lash extensions doesn’t just come from the initial application, it’s also in how they are maintained afterward.  So make sure your clients know how important this routine is, encourage them to stick to these care tips, and remind them to reach out to you if they have any concerns!