How to Lash Weak, Fine, or Damaged Lashes | Everything You Need to Know About Matt Flat Lashes

As a Lash Technician striving to offer the best services, your choice of lash supplies can significantly impact the satisfaction and retention of not just your lash sets, but your clients too. One of the standout products we are hinting at are Matt Flat Lashes. Also known as Cashmere or Ellipse Lashes, these beauties are perfect for clients who crave a dramatic lash look with lightweight lashes. Let’s break down why Matt Flat Lashes should be your new go-to and how to use them to truly impress your clients!

Matt flat lash extensions on a model

What Are Matt Flat Lashes?

Matt Flat Lashes are a revolutionary type of eyelash extension that combines the fullness and drama of thicker lashes with the lightness required for comfort and lash safety. Unlike traditional extensions, Matt Flat Lashes are designed with a unique, flat base which makes them appear wider and more voluminous without adding any extra weight. But why would you use these over other lash extensions like our Mayfair and Chelsea ranges?

Well, these lashes are particularly suited for clients who desire a dramatic look but may have weak, damaged, or naturally thin lashes. Imagine a standard 0.10 Classic lash that's been compressed to double its width, mimicking a 0.20 lash, but still weighs the same as a 0.10 lash. This ingenious design allows you to create the lush, dramatic effect of a 0.25 Classic lash, with the weight of a 0.15 lash. Not to mention, the split tips of these lashes make them exceptionally soft and give a textured finish, with their concave shape ensuring a snug fit around the natural lash, boosting retention. These lovely lashes are also available in thicknesses from 0.10 up to 0.25, making them a versatile choice.

Lash extensions for damaged or weak lashes

Why Choose Matt Flat Lashes?

  1. Dramatic Effect Without the Heaviness: The key benefit of Matt Flat Lashes lies in their ability to deliver a dense, dramatic look without the burden of heavy lashes. This makes them an ideal choice for clients with less robust lashes who still seek a bold, eye-catching appearance.

  1. Enhanced Retention: The slightly concave shape of Matt Flat Lashes allows them to hug the natural lash more effectively. This curvature not only improves the contact area but also enhances the bond between the natural lash and the extension, leading to longer-lasting wear!

  1. Versatility: Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to 0.25, Matt Flat Lashes are incredibly versatile. They can be used to create everything from a subtle enhancement to ultra-wispy lash sets, making them a must-have in any Lash Technician's kit.

  1. Comfort for the Client: Because of their lightweight nature, these lashes are comfortable and safe for your clients, making them suitable for long-term wear without the risk of damaging their natural lashes.

Base of a flat eyelash extension

How to Use Matt Flat Lashes

Step 1: Consultation

Begin with a detailed consultation to assess your client's lash health, preferences, and desired outcome. This step is crucial for choosing the correct thickness and lengths of Matt Flat Lashes, and to determine whether or not you should use regular lash extensions or Matt Flat Lashes.


Step 2: Preparation

Ensure that your client's natural lashes are clean and free from any makeup or oil residue. Check out our 5-step pretreatment routine if you want to create lashes that last!


Step 3: Application

Using your lash tweezers, pick up a Matt Flat Lash and dip the base in your lash adhesive. Gently place the extension onto the natural lash, ensuring it sits comfortably and is perfectly aligned, just like you would with any other lash extension. The flat base should bond seamlessly with the natural lash for optimal retention.


Step 4: Styling

Matt Flat Lashes can be used alone for a Classic set or mixed with other types of lashes for Hybrid or Volume styles. You can also use Matt Flat lashes as spikes, paired alongside fluffy Volume lash fans, to create textured, wispy lash looks. Their versatility allows you to be creative and tailor each set to your client's specific needs. 

Difference between a classic eyelash extension and a flat lash

How to Promote Matt Flat Lash Services

Using Matt Flat lash extensions is a great way to promote your services to clients with weaker, fine, or damaged lashes who may have been wary of getting lash extensions due to the state of their natural lashes. To effectively market Matt Flat Lashes, highlight their unique benefits during client consultations and showcase before-and-after photos on your social media platforms and website. Educate your clients about how these lashes can enhance their natural beauty while providing longevity and promoting the health of their lashes.

Flat cashmere lash extensions

All in all, incorporating Matt Flat Lashes into your lash extension services can significantly enhance your service quality and client satisfaction. Their innovative design and versatility make them an excellent choice for clients seeking a lightweight and dramatic lash look. So, whether your clients are requesting Classic lash extensions or Hybrid lashes, consider Matt Flat Lashes as your go-to choice for delivering outstanding results. 


Ready to give them a try and see the magic for yourself? Explore our range of Matt Flat Lashes here!