Lash Mirror: The Unsung Hero of Your Lash Extension Kit

Every Lash Artist has a unique approach and technique for applying a full set of eyelash extensions. However, given that each client has distinct eye shapes, lash lengths, curl patterns, and style preferences, achieving consistent results can be challenging. That’s why having the right tools in your lash extension kit is super important – this is where a Lash Mirror comes in! Let's uncover a crucial yet often overlooked tool for any Lash Technician – the Lash Mirror.

Eyelash extensions mirror

The Challenges of Lashing Without a Mirror

Before we dive into the pros, we need to first discuss the cons of not using a Lash Mirror. We get it; many Lash Technicians operate without using a mirror, but this can make the application process more complicated than it needs to be. For instance, there has probably been a time when your client has protruding eyes or fluttering eyelids and struggles to fully close them during the session, this can put them at significant risk of being exposed to the fumes of your lash glue and developing a painful chemical burn. Or perhaps you think you’ve checked your clients’ lashes thoroughly enough, only to later wonder why some of the lashes have gaps or don’t appear uniform. By this point, you might have just accepted that uneven sets are inevitable or those annoying gaps as part of the deal. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Although these issues are not the end of the world, they can make a long session feel even longer, and nobody wants to finish a lash set feeling anything less than proud of their work. 


Do Your Lash Sets:

  • Cause clients to have chemical burns?
  • Contain lash extensions that are pointing in different directions?
  • Appear to have an uneven top line?
  • Have uneven coverage across the lash line?
  • Aren’t as full as you would like them to be? 

If this sounds like you, don’t panic; this is totally fixable!

The positives of using a lash mirror

The Benefits of Using a Lash Mirror

Imagine sitting comfortably and being able to see every little detail from where you are – that’s what a Lash Mirror does. With a Lash Mirror in your toolkit, you can view every angle and detail of your intricate work without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Referring back to the example we gave earlier of a client with protruding eyes, a Lash Mirror can show you exactly how significant the gap is between your client's eyelids and bottom lash line, enabling you to address the issue effectively by using some Foam Tape to bridge the gap. No more guessing games, and no more risking your clients’ eye health with glue fumes causing them irritation.

Additionally, it’s not just about fixing problems. A Lash Mirror also helps you nail the symmetry across your lash sets every single time. You can keep an eye on your progress from all angles, making sure each lash is perfectly placed. Using a Lash Mirror also lets you check the evenness of your top line and spot any misaligned extensions, preventing any gaps in the lash set. Being aware of this whilst lashing will help you correct any inaccuracies and achieve a nice uniform look across both eyes.

How to avoid a chemical burn from lash extensions

Avoiding Stickies With a Lash Mirror

A major advantage of using a Lash Mirror is to check your lash sets for stickies. If you’re uncertain of what stickies are, then check out this blog post, but checking for stickies during and after completing a lash set is a crucial step. Say your client has hooded or mature eyelids that need a bit of a lift when lashing – a little Eyelid Tape and your trusty Lash Mirror will allow you to expose the lash line better and let you peek at all of their lashes, even the hidden baby ones. Having a Lash Mirror allows for precise application and easier isolation of layers, which is super important as you’ll want to avoid or spot any stickies, particularly concerning baby lashes, as they’re trickier to spot. By identifying these hidden lashes, you are essentially reducing the likelihood of any lashes sticking together. With a Lash Mirror, you’re basically setting yourself up for a flawless session, enabling you to see and fix things you’d miss otherwise.

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If your Lash Mirror has been forgotten about and has made it to the bottom of your kitor was at the bottom of your lash shopping list, now is the time to introduce this essential tool to your lash kit! Using a Lash Mirror isn’t just another step in your routine, it actually saves you from unexpected surprises and extra work later on. Trust us, after you start using one, you won’t remember what it was like to lash without one!