Classic Black Brown Mayfair Lashes 0.15

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0.15 Mixed Size Black Brown Mayfair Lashes - Perfect For Classic Sets.

Revolutionary new lashes with a deep Americano tone, perfect for clients with dark and fair colouring.

These super lightweight, new lashes are the luxury necessity for your lash collection that you and your clients will adore!

0.15 Mixed Size CLASSIC MAYFAIR lashes C/CC/D/L/M are light lashes that are used for CLASSIC one by one natural sets. C, CC, and D curls available in 0.15 thickness so you can choose which look you want to create for your clients. 

Available in C, CC, D, L, M  curls. MIX Tray .

This product is: 

- Vegan

- Latex-Free

- Not tested on animals

- Formaldehyde-Free

All our lashes are made from 100% Synthetic fibre.

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