Glue Rings vs Glue Stones | What is the Best Choice for Lash Technicians?

As a Lash Tech, you're always on the lookout for tools and techniques that not only enhance your efficiency, but also ensure the utmost comfort and safety for your clients. One of the most important decisions in this regard is choosing what holds your lash glue; should you use a glue ring, a glue stone, or something else entirely? We understand how important this choice is, and we are here to guide you through it!

Agate stones for lash glue

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the specifics, let's understand what we're comparing. Glue rings are small, ring-like containers worn on the finger, offering easy access to lash glue during application. Whereas glue stones, such as an Agate Glue Stone or a Jade Stone, are flat surfaces on which lash glue is dispensed.

Why We Prefer Glue Stones Over Glue Rings

1. Stability and Control

Glue stones provide a more stable and controlled environment for your lash glue. The surface of a Jade or Agate stone keeps the glue's temperature at a cool and optimal level, which prevents it from drying out too quickly. This stability is something that glue rings, due to their smaller size and exposure to the heat from your skin, cannot offer. 

Jade Stone for Eyelash Glue

2. Health and Safety

As a Lash Tech, your client's safety is paramount. Glue rings, being closer to your client's face, increase their exposure to lash glue fumes, and yours too! In contrast, glue stones can be placed at a safer distance on your lash trolley, reducing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions caused by these fumes. It’s not only the glue fumes you have to worry about though, it’s the risk of glue spillages too. Glue should not come in contact with the skin, so you can understand our concern when a lash glue ring that’s attached to your finger, can easily spill glue onto your hand, your client's face, and even in their hair. Seriously, it’s not worth the risk to you or your client's safety, and you’ll most likely lose that client too!

The Dangers of Using Glue Rings for Lash Extensions

3. Quality of Work

Using a glue stone like an Agate or Jade Stone can actually enhance the quality of your work. These stones offer a larger surface area, allowing for better glue management. This control is crucial when working with high-quality lash extension glues to ensure that each eyelash extension is applied with precision. As we’ve touched on previously, the cool surface of these stones keeps your glue drop fresher for longer, which will also help to improve the quality of your work by eliminating  you having to waste product and time on dispensing new glue drops more frequently than necessary.

4. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Unlike lash glue rings, glue stones are reusable, making them an eco-friendly option. After use, they can be cleaned and sterilized for future sessions, or if you use a glue sticker, you can either clean or dispose of these instead. This is not only better for the environment, but also cost-effective in the long run too, unlike disposable glue rings.

The pros of a black jade stone for eyelash glue

Glue Ring Alternatives

At London Lash, we offer top-quality glue stones that cater to the needs of professional Lash Technicians, no matter your experience. Our Agate and Black Jade Stones are designed to provide the perfect base for your lash glue, helping you to ensure that your lash extensions are applied with the utmost precision and care.

Agate Stone

Agate Stones are known for their cooling properties, keeping the eyelash extension glue at an optimal temperature during application. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining the glue's consistency for a smoother application process. Not to mention, they make it easier for you to dispense your glue, clean them, and they're super stylish!

Agate Stone for Eyelash Extensions Glue

Black Jade Stone

Black Jade Stone is another excellent alternative to a glue ring. Similar to Agate Stones, they’re also known for their abilities to maintain an optimal glue temperature and reduce the speed drying speed of your glue so it doesn’t cure too quickly.

Lash glue being dropped on a jade stone

Sunflower Cups

Sunflower cups offer an innovative and efficient alternative to traditional glue rings. Their unique sunflower-inspired design features multiple wells, allowing you to dip your fan into the glue without it splitting open. To do so, you simply dip the base of your fan into the lash glue and slide it through the gaps of the ‘sunflower.’ So if you’re hesitant to move away from your lash glue ring, this is the next best thing, with its similar design that also reduces the risk of spillages and the inhalation of glue fumes.

Sunflower cup for lash extensions glue

While glue rings might be popular among many Lash Technicians, at London Lash, we advocate for the use of alternative options such as glue stones - the pros drastically outweigh the cons! Their ability to regulate glue temperature, coupled with their health and safety benefits, makes them a better choice for professional lash applications

By switching up your tools and trying new lash products, you could potentially change your lash life as you know it! You may notice a difference in your precision, efficiency, and overall client satisfaction. After all, at London Lash, we're not just selling products; we're here to help educate you, and take your lash artistry to the next level.