How to Create Multidimensional Lash Sets Using a Mixture of Lash Curls | Free Lash Maps

Blending different lash curls can be the difference between an average lash set and one that goes viral on Instagram or Pinterest! While sticking to one curl type has its place, and it’s pretty comfortable to do this as a beginner, there’s a whole world of possibilities when you start combining different lash curls in each set. By blending lash curls, you can:

  • Tailor each set to the individual client
  • Enhance the eyes beautifully
  • Introduce vibrant colors to your lash sets
  • Provide that extra lift at the outer edges
  • Achieve a flawless top lash line
Which lash curl to use for eye natural lash

Let's kick things off with some of the popular curls to get the ball rolling, and then we'll delve into those more unique, lesser-known curls. Whether you're into Classic eyelash extensionsHybrid lash extensions, or even Mega Volume lashes, these pointers are invaluable, especially if you haven't ventured into curl combinations yet.

Combining C, CC & D Curls

Imagine your client has naturally curly lashes at the inner and outer corners but straighter ones in the center. Opting for CC-curls in the center and C-curls for the more upward-facing lashes will offer the lift needed in the center without causing any unwanted over-curling at the edges.

Mixing C, CC, and D curls

Similarly, if your client has lashes that grow downwards at the outer corners, you can use C and/or CC-curls for the majority of the lash line and then transition to a D-curl to elevate the outer corners.

Mixing lash curls in an eyelash extensions set

Mixing M & L Curls

Venturing into the lesser-known territory - M-curl and L-curl lashes might seem intimidating if you're new to them. However, they can create a striking, attention-grabbing look, which can be a positive for you, your brand, and your online presence. Whilst M and L-curls might seem niche, they're versatile for almost everyone. The trick lies in how you pair them with other curls and how they complement your client's natural lashes.

When working with an M or L-curl, it's good practice to begin with C-curls at the inner corners. The point at which you transition from C to L/M-curls depends on the desired effect. For a bold, Wet Lash Look, switch to an L/M-curl earlier in the lash line for a more wispy, spiky, and striking appearance. Sticking with C-curls for most of the lash line and then transitioning to L/M-curls towards the outer corners will result in a captivating eyeliner effect with a graceful wing. If you want to take it to the next level, why not try snatching the outer corners of the eyes with Extreme L-curls - they’re perfect for when you want to create the ultimate Eyeliner or Fox lash look.

Mixing M and L curls

London Lash Pro Tip: For those looking to add a splash of color to their lash sets, use colored lashes in a C-curl for the base layer to introduce that multidimensional touch! When adding these colored accents, you can either seamlessly integrate them within the top layer by matching the lengths or make them pop by creating spikes that are 2-3 mm longer than the primary black lashes.

Mixing curls with colored lash extensions

Ultimately, blending curls is as much about artistic expression as it is about complimenting each client’s natural lashes. While blending different curls is a fantastic strategy to craft a unique set that amplifies each client's innate beauty, there's no strict guideline on the number of curls you can combine. So, invest in some assorted length trays with diverse curls and let your creativity shine!