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It’s International Teachers Day! To commemorate today and every incredible educator, we thought it was the perfect time to discuss why lash education is super important - not only for beginners but for seasoned Lash Artists too! That being said, no matter which business you are in, you should never stop learning. Especially in a competitive trade such as the lash industry, it’s vital to stay up to date with the latest lash trends, techniques, and regulations. Not to mention, by continuing your learning, you’re allowing yourself and your business to flourish as your reputation grows. Still don’t believe us? Stay tuned!

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What is International Teachers Day?

International Teachers Day, celebrated on October 5th, is a day dedicated to appreciating educators worldwide for their relentless service and contribution to shaping minds. In relation to all of the amazing lash educators worldwide, it’s pivotal to acknowledge the skilled trainers who curate and deliver comprehensive eyelash extension courses. These educators pave the way for aspiring Lash Technicians, providing them with the knowledge and skills to enhance their craft and career, and creating communities that lean on each other.

Why it’s Important to Carry on Learning

Continuous learning is the cornerstone of mastery in any profession. For a Lash Technician, staying up to date with the latest techniques, products, and industry standards is paramount to delivering top-tier services and staying ahead. Engaging in any sort of lash training, such as an online lash extension course, will not only refine your existing skills but will also introduce you to new methodologies, techniques, and innovative products in the field. It ensures that your techniques are not outdated and that you are providing the best possible service to your clients, thereby building a loyal customer base and a robust reputation in the industry.

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A Licensed vs. Certified Lash Tech

Navigating through the terminologies of being licensed and certified can be perplexing for many aspiring Lash Techs. A licensed Lash Tech typically refers to an individual who has met the state’s regulatory requirements to practice, ensuring they adhere to health and safety requirements. On the other hand, becoming a certified Lash Tech involves completing a specialized lash course, showcasing proficiency in specific lash application techniques. To keep it simple,certification is only obtained from an accredited institution, while a license can be acquired from your state’s cosmetology board. It is imperative to ensure that you have the proper credentials before practicing in the field of cosmetology, but it’s also important to check your state’s laws for specific regulations and requirements, as they can vary.

USA Lash Extension Regulations as of Now

Navigating through the lash extension regulations in the US requires a keen understanding of both state and federal guidelines. As of now, most states mandate Lash Technicians to acquire a cosmetology or esthetician license to practice, but a select few states do not require a license at all. Additionally, some states have specific regulations pertaining to lash extensions, such as the type of adhesive used or the environment in which the services are provided. Staying compliant with these regulations whilst also maintaining certification from a recognized lash course ensures that your practice thrives while adhering to legal and ethical standards. Balancing both aspects is crucial to establishing a credible and lawful practice, safeguarding both you as the technician and your clients. Even if your state doesn’t require any sort of license or certification, we believe it’s still super important to do so. This can situate you as a professional in the industry and provide you with an edge that other Lash Technicians in your area may not have - meaning more potential clients!

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How to Become a Lash Tech

Starting your journey to becoming a Lash Tech can feel slightly overwhelming at first as it involves a blend of formal education, practical training, and continuous learning. Begin with enrolling in a certified lash course that can provide you with a solid foundation in lash application techniques, safety protocols, and client consultation. Following certification, you’ll then want to obtain your license (as per your state or country’s regulations), as it is crucial for you to be able to practice legally. Furthermore, even if you are an experienced Lash Tech, the industry is constantly progressing so it’s vital to continually update your skills through advanced courses to ensure you stay relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving beauty business.

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The London Lash Online Russian Volume Lash Course

Our Online Russian Volume Lash Course is meticulously designed to cater to both beginners and experienced Lash Technicians. This comprehensive course delves deep into the intricate technique of applying Russian Volume Lashes, ensuring each student emerges with a profound understanding and practical knowledge of this skill. From selecting the right lashes and adhesive, to mastering the art of creating flawless fans and ensuring a safe application – our course covers it all, providing the perfect foundation for a Lash Tech learning from scratch or to refine their existing skills. In fact, this course has been developed by our very own London Lash Master Trainers, so you know it’s going to be incredible! With 6 months of access to videos, a digital manual, and a certification upon completion, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of Russian Volume lashing. It’s essentially lash mastery at your fingertips!

What will you Gain From the Course?

  • The ability to create stunning and full Volume lashes.
  • In-depth knowledge of Russian Volume techniques.
  • Support from the lovely London Lash Training Team.
  • A certificate of completion to showcase your expertise.
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Lash education is not merely about enhancing a skill, but is a journey towards perfection, credibility, and establishing a successful career in the lash industry. From understanding the significance of continuous learning to navigating through the various legalities of practicing as a Lash Technician, every step is key to crafting a reputation that is built on expertise and reliability. Here at London Lash, we are committed to being a part of your journey, providing you with the knowledge, skills, and support to help you ascend in your lash career. So, keep learning and happy lashing!