RETENTION PROBLEMS? Make sure your lash placement game is strong!




If you still experience retention problems it may be because of poor placement of the eyelash extension:

✅ REMEMBER that the way you place the extension should mirror the natural lash;

✅ Always check if the base is stuck properly to the natural lashes and that there is at least 2mm attachment point between extension and the natural lash; 

✅ Make sure that the distance from the eyelid is not more than 0,5-0.07 mm and be consistent with that!

✅ Last but not least if you see that the attachment isn’t right remove that lash and place a new one correctly!! You will save yourself complaints from unhappy clients and most importantly you will save your client from discomfort caused by badly attached extensions!!

correct eyelash extensions attachment, glue retention


Post prepared by London Lash Trainer, Karolina Swiderska @karolina_londonlashpro