Quick Tips & Tricks For Lash Placement | Our Trainer, Karolina Swiderska, Tells All

Lash placement can be tricky, especially for beginners who are only just entering the lash industry. Did you know that incorrect lash placement can actually affect your retention? Well, it does! Our lash trainer Karolina Swiderska is here to give you quick tips for achieving the best lash placement. If you’ve already perfected your eyelash extension placement but are still struggling with retention, we’ve got you covered! At London Lash, we have an abundance of helpful blogs that will guide you through the wondering world of lashing. 

Correct vs Incorrect Lash Placement

Are you suffering from retention problems? Make sure your lash placement game is strong! Here’s a diagram that represents the placement of an individual lash extension on the natural lash.

Incorrect lash extension placement diagram Incorrect lash extension placement diagramIncorrect lash extension placement diagram Correct lash extension placement diagram

As we mentioned above, if you are experiencing retention problems it could be because of a multitude of reasons, but one could be poor placement of the lash extensions.

Here are some top tips to help ensure that your lash placement is top-notch:

✅ It is important that when you place the lash extension, it should mirror the natural lash.

✅ Always check if the back has adhered properly to the natural lash, and that there is at least a 2 mm attachment point between the extension and the natural lash. 

✅ The lash must not be placed too close to the lash line or else the lashes will irritate your client. Make sure that you place the lash no more, or no less, than 0.5 - 0.7 from the lash line.

✅ After following these steps, if you see that the attachment isn’t just right, remove the lash and place a new one correctly. There’s no shame in removing a lash if you believe it’s not attached correctly, if anything, your client will be grateful. By doing this, you will be saving your clients from discomfort caused by incorrectly attached lash extensions, and you’ll avoid those dreaded complaints from unhappy clients.

Correct eyelash extensions placement lash glue zone diagram


There we have it! It’s important to remember that poor lash placement can result in a bad set of eyelash extensions which can cause irritation - and let us tell you, that’s the worst thing ever. No one wants irritated eyes, and not only will your lash retention be poor, but your client retention will also be too. Do you want to know more about retention? OurTop Retention Myths blog has all the answers you need…

Post prepared by London Lash Trainer, Karolina Swiderska @karolina_londonlashpro

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