The Most Popular Lash Styles of the Year! | London Lash’s Favorite 2023 Lash Trends

2023 has been a wild ride in the lash industry, and has been a standout year for innovative and eye-catching trends. As a Lash Technician, staying ahead of these trends is crucial for keeping your clients thrilled and your services in high demand, so let's chat about the top styles that have been all the rage this year. Don’t forget, at London Lash, we have everything you need to bring these trendy looks to life!

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Angel Lashes

Angel Lashes – they're as dreamy as they sound. Known for their lightweight and fluttery appearance, these lash extensions give off that perfect, wispy, and feathery vibe. This stunning style was all the rage in May, and continues to be a huge hit with Lash Techs and clients alike, as they give a classic-esque lash effect but are, in fact, textured and wispy Volume lashes with bold spikes. The best thing about this lash style is that they are super customizable, so regardless of if your client prefers a dramatic or natural lash look, you can achieve both using the Angel lash map. Want to dive deeper into Angel Lashes? Check out our Angel Lashes blog post for all the heavenly details.

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Barbie Lashes

Barbie Lashes took the lash world by storm in July, embodying the iconic doll's glamorous and bold aesthetic. Who can blame us? The Barbie movie inspired our viral lash map, and the gorgeous lash sets created using it, which blew up on Instagram and Tiktok! These are all about amping up the volume and length for that ultimate showstopping look. Barbie-inspired eyelash extensions are perfect for clients with a close-set or proportionate eye shape and consist of short, narrow fans with the addition of lengthy spikes. Curious about mastering the Barbie Lash look? We've got a how-to guide all about Barbie Lashes that'll walk you through it.

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Mermaid Lashes

Mermaid Lashes are a trend that's as enchanting as it sounds, and is where it's at if your clients are looking for something wispy yet natural. Our Mermaid-inspired lash map was, understandably, super popular in 2023 as it coincided with the release of The Little Mermaid movie. Ria Biggerstaff, who was Halle Bailey’s Lash Tech for the film, kindly collaborated with us to create our popular Mermaid Lash Map! These lashes offer a wispy Volume appearance, with an outer corner flick that’s similar to Cat lash mapping but with a under-the-sea twist. To keep these looking natural, the original lash map uses B and C curls, as these give the illusion of an enhanced natural lash look, but this will depend on your clients natural lashes. Mermaid Lashes are a hit for adding that bit of enchantment. Want to learn more? Swim over to our detailed Mermaid Lashes blog post!

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Wet Set Lashes

The Wet Lash look is totally in, and has been since 2020, so we’re glad it’s stuck around! Unfortunately, while it was popular in 2020, due to Covid a majority of Lash Technicians couldn’t create this stylish set on clients. Since then, it’s had a well-deserved resurgence and the trend hasn’t died down. It's all about creating an effortlessly wet look, as the name suggests, just like you've just taken a dip in the ocean. London Lash Technicians of 2023 have truly embraced the spiky bold finish, and Wet Look lashes are no exception. All in all, a Wet Look lash set breaks the rules a little bit in the fact that it uses Volume lashes that aren’t fanned out, so you’re aiming for closed fans or spikes for a textured look. If you're keen to get the lowdown on Wet Set Lashes, splash over to our Wet Lashes blog post.

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Manga Lashes

For those who adore the dramatic, cartoon-like eyes seen in Japanese Manga, the Manga Lashes trend is a dream come true. Although Manga lashes originally rose to fame in 2022, they significantly spiked in popularity in 2023, and are a hit among clients who love to make a bold, artistic statement with their lashes.This cartoon-inspired lash style is all about creating a wide and dramatic doe eyed look, which is perfected by adding long spikes at equal intervals across the lash line, amongst other shorter lashes. As these long spikes are placed alongside shorter lashes, this really makes them stand out - resulting in an eye-catching and wispy lash look. This look is also regularly complemented by spiky bottom lashes to make the top lash line pop! Intrigued and want to learn more? Check out our Manga Lashes blog post for more of a deep dive.

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Half Lashes

Half Lashes are the unsung heroes of the lash world. Like the name suggests, half lashes are strategically placed on the outer half of the eye for a subtle yet sophisticated lift. The result - an alluring Fox Eye or Eyeliner effect that takes a more natural form, perfect for new-timer clients or clients who love a natural yet enhanced look. So, if you know that your client prefers a half-lash falsie, opting for lash extensions in this look is one to suggest! We also predict that this lash style will continue to flourish in 2024! For more on Half Lashes, take a peek at our blog post: Half Lashes: The Must-Have Trend of 2023.

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There you have it – these are the incredible lash trends that have made waves in 2023. As a Lash Technician, keeping up with these trends is key to wowing your clients and keeping your skills sharp. And remember, we're here to teach and supply you with everything you need to create these amazing looks. So, let's embrace these trends and make the rest of 2023 a year to remember! Stay on-trend, stay skilled, and most importantly, have fun with it. 🌟