Are Lash Extensions Safe During Pregnancy? 

As a lash technician, client safety should be paramount! We all know the importance of taking precautions when it comes to things like ensuring clients aren’t allergic to the lash glue that we use, but what other health and safety factors should lash technicians consider? 

One question we’re often asked here at London Lash is ‘are lash extensions safe during pregnancy?’, and it’s understandable really. With the majority of a lash tech’s client base being women, questions surrounding the safety of eyelash extensions during pregnancy are bound to crop up at some point during your career. 

Save both your client and yourself some time and confusion by reading through this handy blog post on lash extensions during pregnancy to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need!

We also offer some invaluable tips on how to make sure your pregnant client is as comfortable as possible during the lash application process - going the extra mile can make all the difference; you can guarantee your kindness will be appreciated and reciprocated through both loyalty and recommendations…

are lash extensions safe during pregnancy

What are the risks of getting eyelash extensions while pregnant?

As with most things, there can be some element of risk when it comes to getting lash extensions while pregnant. Women are inundated with dos and don’ts while pregnant: do avoid caffeine; don’t consume certain types of fish - it can be a minefield! However, whether for better or worse, things aren’t quite so clear cut when it comes to lash extensions. 

Lash Glue

There isn’t sufficient research as of yet with regards to how lash glue can affect a baby during pregnancy, so of course it’s understandable if your pregnant client wants to avoid getting their lashes done during this time. As long as you explain the uncertainty surrounding lash glue and pregnancy with complete honesty, you’ve done your part in making your client aware of any potential risks. 

There are, however, ways you can minimize this risk! You can take the following steps to help reduce the fumes emitted from lash glue: 

  • Make sure your room is well ventilated
  • Ask your client to wear a face covering/mask during their appointment: since the Covid-19 pandemic, this shouldn’t be considered too out of the ordinary! 
  • Use a Mini Cooli lash fan to waft away fumes during and at the end of treatment
  • Seal the glue at the end with Superbonder glue sealant.
Applying eyelash extensions to a pregnant client

Allergic Reaction to Lash Glue

A key concern for some lash technicians when it comes to lashing pregnant clients is the issue of allergies, and it’s clear to see why. Unfortunately, we are advised against taking a number of medications while pregnant due to the potential to cause harm to the baby. This can pose a particular risk if the client were to suffer an allergic reaction to the lash glue you’re using. 

Due to being limited on what they can take to control and minimize the effects of an allergic reaction, some may wish to avoid lash extensions while pregnant. 

What if they've already had extensions from you? Well, as we know, an allergic reaction can happen to anyone at any time - it's an example of a cumulative allergy, which is when the body builds up a defense to an allergen. During pregnancy, the body undergoes so many physiological changes that it's difficult to judge how it will react to things it's usually fine with - the short answer is that nothing is guaranteed.

Lash extensions glue

Lying on Back Whilst Pregnant 

Something you maybe wouldn’t think to consider is the position your clients are in during the lash application process. Typically, clients lay flat on their back as you apply the extensions - and herein lies the problem. 

Pregnant women are advised against lying flat on their backs once they are past the 20 week mark - i.e. about midway through the second trimester. If your client is still in the early stages of pregnancy, there should be no real issue or risk involved in continuing to apply their lashes as you normally would. 

However, when they’re a little further along in their pregnancy, there are some steps you can take you ensure they’re both as comfortable as possible and aren’t placing their baby at risk:

  • Put your lash bed at an incline
  • Provide a pillow for them to place beneath their legs for comfort
  • Allow a couple of breaks during the application process, this could simply be a matter of allowing your client to stand up and move around the room for a few minutes/sit upright on a chair between applying extensions to each eye.

comfy beige lash bed with memory foam pillow for pregnant clients

How to Make the Treatment Shorter

For expectant mothers looking to enhance their beauty with lash extensions but concerned about the time spent lying down during the treatment, both you and your client will definitely want to speed up the treatment time!

Our Easy Fanning Lashes and Premade Lashes are a game-changer for pregnant clients, significantly speeding up the treatment time. The Easy Fanning Lashes allow lash artists to create a full, voluminous look in a fraction of the time as they easily pop open when you grip them with your lash tweezers–it's just that simple! Similarly, our Premade Lashes offer a quick and high-quality solution in comparison to you handmaking your own lash fans, which can create for a lengthy application process.

These options are perfect for you if you are lashing a pregnant client, who may be uncomfortable lying down for longer periods of time but who wants the glamour of lash extensions, making their lash appointment a more comfortable and convenient experience during pregnancy. We know that as a Lash Tech, like us, you are committed to ensuring every client, especially your pregnant ones, receives the best care, comfort, and stunning results in the safest and most efficient way possible.

If you're interested in learning more ways to save time during treatment, take a look at this blog post!

Premade lash extensions for pregnant clients

So there we have it! While it’s impossible to answer either yes or no to the question ‘are lash extensions safe during pregnancy?’, we know there are ways you can reduce the risks involved and that many women do continue to get their lashes done throughout pregnancy with no problems at all! It’s just important to be very clear about these risks to ensure your client is able to make an informed decision. 

In and of themselves, lash extensions will cause no harm during pregnancy, however the potential risks associated with the application process - such as fumes from your lash adhesive, the position of the client and the potential of an allergic reaction - are worth taking into account.