How To Make Sure Your Lash Glue Stays Fresh

With the upcoming Black Friday deals and the holiday rush just around the bend, it's the perfect moment to review how to ensure the lash adhesive you're purchasing and using is as fresh as can be!

London lash glues

Tips To Maintain Lash Adhesive Freshness

When you're reviewing your current lash glue inventory, the first step is to inspect the bottles you have on hand. Assuming they’re from London Lash, there should be a date stamped on the bottom of your lash adhesive. This date indicates when the adhesive was manufactured. You'll have 6 months from that date (provided it hasn't been opened) to use the eyelash glue and achieve the best results.

Always keep your lash adhesive sealed until you're ready to use it. Once it's opened, it's challenging to determine if it's been previously exposed to air. Remember, after breaking the seal, the glue will last for about 2 months before it starts to degrade. So, make sure you don't open it too early!

A Handy London Lash Tip: When you break the seal on your lash adhesive, attach a small piece of tape to the bottle and jot down the opening date. We recommend replacing it within 4-6 weeks to guarantee its freshness.

Date of production on eyelash glue

Our Commitment to Eyelash Glue Freshness

Any lash adhesive you purchase from us is guaranteed to have at least 4 months of optimal performance. We routinely order and receive new adhesive batches every 4-6 weeks. This ensures that the adhesive you get is super fresh, allowing you to offer your clients the best lash retention every single visit. Especially during big sales, we ramp up our orders to ensure timely and fresh deliveries.

Upon arrival, our lash adhesives are securely sealed in airtight aluminum pouches. We then store them in large airtight containers, accompanied by numerous silica gel packets. This ensures that the lash glues remain untouched by moisture until it's opened in your lash studio. When it arrives to your lash room, we recommend storing it in a a cool and dry place, and in an airtight container. 

If you have any concerns or questions, our Customer Service team ( is always ready to lend a helping hand and assist you. Not to mention, they can provide you with the manufacturing date for any adhesive you're considering purchasing!

Airtight container for eyelash glue

How To Spot An Expired Lash Glue

Silent Shakes: If you give the bottle a shake and don't hear any movement inside, it's a red flag.

Persistent Separation: Even after a thorough shake, if the adhesive comes out looking gray and separated, it's a cause for concern.

Stringy Dispensation: If the adhesive appears stringy as you squeeze it out, it might not be in its best state.

Stringy Lash Pull: If you notice a stringy texture when pulling a lash from the adhesive, it's a sign to check your lash glue. However, this can also occur if the glue drop on your jade stone has been sitting for too long. Ensure you're refreshing the drop every 15-20 minutes.

White Residue: Spotting white residue around the nozzle indicates that moisture has come into contact with the glue, causing shock polymerization. This often results from an improperly cleaned nozzle or a loosely fitted cap. While the glue inside the bottle might still be usable, it's wise to proceed with caution.

Wiping lash glue nozzle with lint free wipe

Lash Retention Issues: If lashes aren't lasting or if they easily brush off after application, it might be the lash glue. But remember, this could also be due to the adhesive setting too quickly because of room conditions or if you're using a fast-drying adhesive like Royal Bond. Always check your room conditions with a Hygrometer, as it may not be the glue’s fault!

Check the Date: If the Date of Production (DOP) on the bottle indicates it's over 6 months old, it's time to get rid!

Open for Too Long: An adhesive that's been open for more than 8 weeks might not offer optimal results.

Improper Storage: If the adhesive has been stored near a window or close to a heating source instead of a cool, airtight place, its efficacy might be compromised.


Maintaining the freshness of your lash adhesive is paramount for delivering optimum results and getting maximum retention! By being vigilant about the expiration signs and making sure that it is stored properly, you can ensure that every lash application is as flawless as the last.