Volume Lash Extensions In Half The Time!

Ever wanted to complete your Volume Lash set in only a fraction of the time it usually takes you? Here's how.

Isolating volume lash extensions with gold tweezers

Work With Layers

Usually, we have from three to five layers in our lash line. Working with these layers can speed up your work tenfold. To achieve a much fuller and completed look, working on the layers each in turn will save you time on isolating the lashes individually. 

  • Your Pretreatment is most important. Prepping the eyelashes will not only help you with a clean canvas to work on but it will help with retention in the long run. 
  • Taking a piece of tape long enough to cover all the lashes on the lid, pull the lashes back gently and fix the ends of the tape to the eyelid.
  • Using your Isolation Tweezers, gently pull the bottom most layer of eyelashes from underneath the tape and begin lashing them.
  • Once you have finished this layer, gently tape the layer to the eyepatch to hold them out of the way of your next layer. Remember, tape only the ends of the extensions to prevent the tape from pulling out and of the fans when removing it.
  • Repeat the process. When all your layers are covered, carefully remove your tape and brush through your lashes. And you're done, a perfectly fluffy set of volume lashes in a fraction of the time.

Eyelash extensions pretreatment

Use Easy Fan Lashes!

Easy Fanning Lashes are just that. Why? Because they're lash extensions that fan easy. Gripping them with some tweezers and pulling them off the strip creates the premade fan effect for you. It's just that simple.

How Do They Work? 

Our Easy Fanning Lashes are unique. They have two layers of lashes one on top of the other with three different lengths, all in one strip. This is how they pop open when you grip them! However, if you want a super even, dense, and uniform lash line, our Even Top Line Camellia Lashes are the one to choose!

Picking up easy fan lashes with tweezers


How Do You Map with Easy Fanning Lashes?

These types of fanning lashes have a mixture of three different lengths on each strip. This gives them a signature spiky finish. It can be intimidating to map the lashes at first. However, it is much more simple than it looks. Pick up the middle length and map around that. Here's an example - 7,8,9; 8,9,10; 9,10,11 - and so on.

Use Premade Fans

Have you ever had that one client who comes in for their infill, as soon as they come through the door you're in shock. You see two little fans on their eyes, each one hanging on for dear life. How can you give them the perfect volume lash extension in only one hour. It's impossible you say... not if you have a tray of premade fans ready to cover any blank spots in just seconds.

Picking up premade lash fan

The London Lash Premade Fans are heat bonded, there is no danger of any extra glue. The retention time of these lashes will be just as great as it was with your hand crafted fans. The effect is so similar your client won't notice a difference. These incredible premade fans will speed up your work, leaving your client with stunning volume eyelash extensions.

Use Booster

Booster is an alkaline product. Simply put, when applied to the lashes it forces the cuticles to 'open up' a touch. This gives the glue a larger surface area to adhere to. No matter what you're using, handmade / premade fans or easy fans to create volume extensions, Booster is a product that will work magic. 

Applying lash booster

Hot Tip - Applying Booster to the strip of lashes you're going to use on your client will prevent the glue from travelling up the base and closing your fan, no one wants a wasted product. (This should NOT be used on Easy Fanning Lashes as they have more glue on the base to keep the layers together).

Booster on lash strip

Combining any number of these steps will save you time and leave your clients happy with their end results. Using these products and techniques can increase retention and client satisfaction.