What’s the Difference Between the Original Camellia Lashes & Our New Even Top Line Camellia Lashes? 

Since eyelash extensions were first a thing, they have well and truly revolutionized the beauty industry, offering clients the allure of longer, fuller lashes without the need for a great level of maintenance. Not only that, but the lash industry has also evolved dramatically since the beginning – lash extensions are safer than ever before, and the products we use are also the most innovative and advanced they’ve ever been! Products like Premade Lashes and Easy Fan Lashes, among others, have transformed the way we lash, and we are here for it! 

Since the popularity of our OG Camellia Lashes, we knew that we needed to create an even top-line version. Amongst the myriad of options available to Lash Technicians, Camellia Lashes have carved out a niche for their distinctive wispy finish. However, our latest innovation introduces an exciting new variation of Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes that creates an even top line for your lash sets. In this guide, we’ll delve into the unique features and benefits of our brand-new Even Top Line Camellia Lashes, giving you all of the necessary insights you need to elevate your lash artistry.

Woman holding lash extensions tray whilst wearing the lash extensions

What Are Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes With an Even Top Line?

Our Camellia Lashes with an even top line are a fresh addition to the London Lash line of Easy Fanning Lashes, building upon the popularity of our original Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes that create a gorgeous wispy finish. These new lashes still have all the beloved features of their predecessors, but with a significant twist: instead of the characteristic mixed lengths creating a wispy, textured effect, Camellia Lashes with an even top line feature two layers of lashes with the same length on each strip. This design results in a perfectly uniform and even top line that offers a dense appearance.

Easy fan lashes on the lash strip

Why Choose Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes?

Consistency and Precision:The even top line provided by these lashes ensures a look that appeals to your clients who seek a more refined, uniform look for their lashes and makes them an excellent choice for creating classic and dense lash sets! 

Save Precious Time:Similar to our original Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes, these lashes have been designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. You can effortlessly create lash fans thanks to the innovative easy fan technology, allowing multiple lashes to be picked up and fanned out with minimal effort. With the lengths of the two layers of lashes on each strip being the same, you can create a perfect top line in no time! 

Versatility: Whilst they offer a different aesthetic from the wispy finish of our original Camellia Lashes, this top line variation is still versatile enough to suit various lash styles, from natural to dramatic, depending on the thickness and curls chosen. They’re available in mixed-length trays of 8mm-13mm, with the most popular lash curls C, CC, and D, and in thicknesses of 0.03, 0.05, and 0.07.

Brushing lash extensions

Tips for a Lash Technician

No Need for Booster: You don’t need to use Booster with these lashes! Their fans won’t close on you because of their shape and the minute amount of glue on their bases that keeps the lengths together. Using Booster will actually make them harder to fan as it will interfere with the glue on their bases.

Practice Makes Perfect: As with any new product, practice is key for mastering your application technique. Spend time familiarizing yourself with how these lashes fan and adhere to the natural lashes. 

Customize Any Look: Although Camellia Lashes (Even Top Line) are designed for a uniform appearance, you can still play around with different lengths and curls to create customized lash looks for each of your clients. Before any treatments, always consult with your clients to understand their preferences, lifestyle, and eye shape. This will help you determine whether a uniform top line or a more textured look is best suited for them.

Dense cat eye lash extensions

Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes with an even top line are an exciting new addition to the London Lash family that will enhance your artistry. With their easy fan technology and uniform top line, these lashes provide a sleek, polished look that clients will LOVE. Trust us, incorporating Camellia Lashes into your lash treatments, whether it be the wispy or even top line version, will undoubtedly elevate your lash game and leave your clients' lashes looking amazing! 

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