It’s summer! Which, for a lash tech, means an influx of clients coming to us for holiday lashes, festival lashes or - our favorite - WEDDING LASHES! I don’t know anyone who doesn't enjoy a good wedding, but for so many brides and grooms the lead up to the wedding is in equal measures exciting and stressful, so it’s really important that when we’re given the honour of doing THE lashes for the wedding, we take it seriously and give an even more in-depth consultation than normal! 

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First, you’ll need to go through a more in-depth consultation than you normally would. We’d always recommend having this consultation before the trial lash set to ensure you’re on the same page as your client when it comes to the overall look of their wedding lash set. During this consultation, you’ll want to establish a few things to ensure the set you provide is going to meet their expectations and their needs, and will complement their wedding look.

There are two main things you’ll need to consider in addition to all the usual consultation factors:


This is less about allergic reactions (though OF COURSE we need to consider this) and more about wearability. Some of us are well used to wearing long, thick lashes because we either always have, or we’ve worked our way up to them over some time, so it feels really normal to us to have them but for someone who has not had lashes before, going straight in with a dramatic volume set might feel super uncomfy for them!

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How they’re having their makeup will have an impact on how they’re likely to want their lashes, or on what you'd recommend. If they’re having no makeup or a super subtle look, they might like a really natural look, whereas if they intend to have a really intense smokey eye and instagram-worthy contour and highlight then BIG lashes make sense! 

When it comes to wedding lashes - or lashes for any important occasion - it’s worth noting on your website and/or social media that you have a more in-depth procedure and some extra steps in place when it comes to appointments to make sure the set is perfect, and the client is left happy and comfortable!