Wedding Lashes - Why Your Clients Should Always Have a Trial!

We get it, we truly do! The wedding checklist seems endless, and adding lash extensions to the trial list might seem a tad much. But think about it - a person's wedding day is a singular, magical event. Those photos? They'll be cherished for a lifetime. So, isn't it only logical to ensure that the bride's lashes on that special day are nothing short of perfection? 

The Undeniable Importance of a Lash Trial

Here's why every lash artist should encourage their clients to have a lash trial, akin to hair and makeup trials or multiple dress and suit fittings:

Wedding bouquet with wedding rings

Perfecting the Look: Precision and Attention to Detail

When a bride-to-be approaches you for their wedding lashes, the stakes are high. It's crucial to nail the look. This might mean revisiting the lash design a few times to ensure the length, fullness, and overall style are just right. Every detail you'd typically consider for a lash set now demands even more precision and attention. If a regular client comes to you for their wedding lashes, this may feel like less of a weight on your shoulders, but it’s still important to understand  that your client may want an entirely different set of lashes to what they’re used to, and a trial, or a few, is still imperative. 

Safety First: Anticipating Allergic Reactions

Always schedule the trial a good two weeks or even a month prior to the wedding. The reason? Potential allergic reactions. You might think, "My client has worn lashes for ages! They won't have a reaction." But remember, allergies, especially to lash adhesives, can develop over time. The last thing anyone wants is for the bride to wake up with swollen eyes on their big day. So, better safe than sorry - just before their wedding you can either remove and redo, or infill their lashes so they’re ready for their big day!

Chemical burn vs allergic reaction

Plan Ahead: Tailoring to the Bride's Vision

Book your client in for their appointment two weeks before the wedding and pencil in an infill about 4 days prior. This strategy ensures the lashes are tailored to the bride's vision, and you can ensure they have the desired fresh and full appearance, and you will also have time for removal should any issues arise.

Complementing the Bridal Look: Aligning Lash Style with Makeup

Consider the overall bridal look. Will she be donning heavy makeup or opting for a subtle, natural glow? It's paramount to align the lash style with your client's makeup choice. A trial ensures that if there's any feedback, it can be incorporated during the infill session, guaranteeing she feels absolutely radiant on her wedding day.

lash extensions with makeup

Setting the Stage: Managing Expectations

A trial also sets realistic expectations. We've all heard (or said), "I want those ultra-thick, dramatic lashes!" But what if the natural lashes are delicate and can't bear heavy extensions? Or what if there's a sparse lash line? A trial provides clarity on what's achievable, ensuring no last-minute surprises.

The importance of a wedding lash trial

In essence, wedding lashes should exude a unique charm. Going that extra mile to ensure your client feels valued and confident is always a win-win! So, what are you waiting for? Follow our steps and add wedding lashes to your treatment list if you are comfortable doing so!