Being an advanced Lash Technician might give you the confidence to think that rookie mistakes are behind you. While that's partially true, it's essential to understand that as you advance, the errors you make might be fewer but can have a more significant impact. To help you avoid potentially damaging mistakes, here are four common ones you may be making!

Brushing lash extensions with a spoolie brush

1. Not Increasing Your Prices

It's a wonderful feeling to have a loyal clientele that keeps continuously coming back to you, and naturally, there's a desire to keep them satisfied. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients, after all. But remember, as time goes on, expenses rise - from the cost of products to your personal bills. Eyelash extensions are a luxury service, and your clients will hopefully understand the value they get. If we put it into perspective, individuals will spend just as much money on getting their makeup done, just for it to last a few hours, so lash extensions that last up to 4 weeks are well worth the coin! While a price rise might make a few clients reconsider, it's essential for the sustainability of your business. If you're in this for the long haul, adjusting your prices periodically is crucial.

When to raise your prices as a lash technician

2. Relying Solely on Your Initial Training 

The lash industry is dynamic, with new techniques and practices emerging regularly. While attending lash competitions and joining online forums can offer insights, nothing beats formal training from accredited institutions. It's not about taking every course out there, but about ensuring you're updated with the industry's best. If you want to brush up on your skills from time to time, then attending another lash course is the way to go!

3. Sticking to Old Styles

Specializing in a particular style is excellent, but flexibility is key in the beauty industry. Trends evolve, and so should your offerings. While you don't need to jump on every new trendbeing aware of them and incorporating the popular ones can keep your services fresh and appealing. Consider watching styling tutorials or even attending workshops to stay updated, and if you find a style you particularly like, why not make it your niche?

Lash extensions training

4. Neglecting Your Online Presence

In today's digital age, your online presence is often the first impression clients get. While managing social media can be time-consuming, you need to remember that it's an investment in your brand. Regularly updating your profiles with fresh content and ensuring your website reflects your current services can make a world of difference. It not only attracts potential clients but also gives your existing ones something to rave about.

Social Media mistakes you may be making

In essence, the journey of a Lash Technician is one of continuous learning and adaptation. Stay updated with the latest in lash styles, practices, and products to ensure you're always at the top of your game. We have lash coursesblog postseBooks, and educational social media posts that can help you out, don’t forget to utilize them!