As a technician aiming for success, I was driven by two questions: “ Why would a client choose me when there are so many options to choose from?” and “If I was a client, would I choose me?”

Beautiful lashes and great retention are extremely important, as we know already, but there’s always a little extra something we can do to stand out from anyone else. Moreover, developing a good relationship with our clients is an essential part of our business, a two way street where people are drawn by others that leave them the feeling that they’re valued!

Lash Technician with client

Here are my top 10 tips that will ensure happy, returning clients:


1. Strong customer service. This will not only make your clients feel good, but strong customer service is the foundation of any business that will grow, and improve your reputation as time goes by.


2. Your lash room environment is your clients’ sanctuary, where they escape the day to day for a little while - small touches like an aroma diffuser and some relaxing music may help in making the whole treatment a 5* experience, every time. (Pro Tip: If you’re using a steam diffuser, make sure you place it at least 2m away from the lashing area, as it will work as a humidifier and change the room conditions.)


3. Comfort. No one wants to lie on an uncomfortable bed for a couple hours, right? For me, a foam topper was a lifesaver. Cover it with the London Lash bed cover and voila! Presentable and comfortable.

comfy lash bed pillow

4. Say “Thank you!” Remind them how grateful you are that they chose you. As we rely solely on individuals for the maintenance and growth of our business, we’d have nothing without them so it’s always worth letting them know how you feel about that! 


5. Be natural and confident. While we are in the continuous process of learning, our clients trust us with their eyes, so they may need reassurance that everything will be okay. Having a good knowledge of the products you use, explaining the treatment step by step, and generally smiling and being relaxed will make the client feel more comfortable with you!


6. Listen, then remember. Actively listening to people does more than earn trust—it earns loyalty and even love for who you are and what you do, so it is important to listen to them. When they come back, ask how they feel about that particular situation, if they enjoyed their holiday, or if anything changed. Some of them will allow you to know them at a deeper level and it will be great for both of you!

Lash Tech with client for consulation

7. If something goes wrong, deal with it in a thoughtful, understanding way that will advantage both sides. When customers are confident that you will take care of them, not only in that moment, but in future, this builds their trust in you, while giving them a reason to come back again. 


8. Maintain a kind & positive attitudeShare positive vibes with your clients so when they leave your salon/studio they’ll feel a little happier. More than that, a positive attitude can helpyou be healthier, wealthier and more productive.


9. Give a little extra. Who doesn’t appreciate a freebie? It doesn’t have to be much, a complementary lip mask on their treatment or a birthday voucher with a £5 discount will make them feel special. 


10. ConsistencyBeing consistent in everything you do will establish awareness, build trust with your clients and make them feel incredible, every time!


Written by Lash Expert, Loredana

Loredana Lash Technician for London Lash