Choosing Your Lash Extension Essentials | Single-Length or Mixed-Length Trays? | The Pros and Cons of Mixed and Single Length Trays 

As a Lash Technician, you’ll know that the right choice of lash can elevate a look from ordinary to extraordinary. So, if you’ve been pondering on whether to buy single or mixed length trays, you no longer need to panic. Let's dive into the world of single-length and mixed-length lash extension trays, weighing up their pros and cons, so that you can choose the perfect one for your specific needs. 

Applying easy fanning lash extensions with lash tweezers

Does London Lash Sell Single & Mixed Trays?

Absolutely! We offer both single and mixed-length trays to cater to every Lash Technician's needs. Our bestselling Mayfair, Chelsea, and Matt Flat Lashes are available in both single and mixed lengths - and in more exciting news, we are now introducing our popular Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes in single lengths as well! Previously available only in mixed trays, we've listened to our your requests and expanded our range to include single lengths, giving you even more options for your to choose from.

Our Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes, previously available only in mixed length trays, now come in single length options too, thanks to popular demand. Each strip in these trays features two lengths, differing by 2mm (e.g., 8/10, 9/11, 12/14), offering effortlessly wispy lash fans. Meanwhile, our mixed-size trays of Camellia lashes range from 7,9mm to 13,15mm, perfect for creating a variety of looks and client preferences.

easy fanning lash tray

Single-Length Lash Trays

The Pros:

Uniformity is the Name of the Game

Single-length lash trays are the classic choice for if you are an experienced Lash Tech who knows which lashes they want to use the most. Ideal for clients desiring the fullness of Russian Volume lashes, our Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes in single lengths will become your go-to as, like the name suggests, you can create wispy lash fans to create the ultimate light and textured top lash line as they have two layers of lashes on each strip. For those who prefer a subtle enhancement, single-length Classic lash extensions are the ones to choose!

Single length eyelash extension tray

Simplified Application Process

The charm of single-length trays lies in their simplicity. Using a single length can streamline your application process, enhancing efficiency, as you can clearly see how many lashes of each length you have in your inventory, and lay out the ones that you need. It's a time-saver for those busy days in the salon! Instead of grappling with assorted lengths in a mixed tray, why not streamline your process? Simply select a tray and start lashing! "But I use multiple lengths," you might say, which is where we agree, as you definitely should be using a variety of lengths for each lash set as it's dangerous to do otherwise. Here's where the real savings kick in. By purchasing individual trays of the lengths you frequently use, you can create a customized Lash Palette. This approach eliminates the time-consuming search for the right length in a mixed tray.

The long-term benefits? You'll significantly reduce the waste of unused lash lengths that often come with mixed trays. More importantly, you'll save money. How? By not having to repeatedly buy new mixed trays just for a few specific lengths, while the rest remain untouched. In essence, this strategy ensures you're always stocked up on the lengths you need, without the surplus ones you don't. This not only saves money but also prevents the frustration of running out of essential lengths and being left with ones that don't serve your needs – a smart move to avoid feeling like your investment is going to waste.

Making a customizable lash palette with single lengths

Great for Busy Lash Techs

Although, single-length trays offer an easy entry point, allowing you to hone your skills without the complexity of multiple lengths - if you’re a beginner, you’re more likely not going to need a huge amount of the same length as you may be just starting to grow your client base. As your experience and client base grow, you'll likely find that certain sizes are in higher demand, depleting more quickly. This is exactly why our single-size trays are a must-have, ensuring you're always stocked up on your most-used lashes. Navigating through the complexities of managing various lash tray sizes and styles can be quite the task, particularly when you're left with unused lashes in a tray. Opting for single-sized lash trays is a game-changer in inventory management, allowing you to stock up on just the lengths you frequently use.

At first glance, buying multiple boxes of single-length trays might seem less efficient, requiring more storage space compared to one box of mixed sizes. However, this approach is more practical if you’re a busy Lash Tech who regularly uses certain lengths. By focusing on these specific sizes, you'll cycle through your inventory faster than if you were to keep multiple mixed-size trays, which often leads to a surplus of unused lashes – and no one wants to contribute to a lash landfill! This method also minimizes waste and costs associated with buying and storing various tray types filled with lashes you might never use, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of your workflow. 

Picking up a lash extensions with tweezers

The Downsides:

Limited Artistic Freedom

For the creatively inclined, single-length trays might feel restrictive. If you or your clients crave diverse, textured lash styles, the uniformity of single lengths might leave you wanting more. Although single length trays are essential to have if you use certain lengths over and over again, if a client comes to you wanting a lash set that you’re unaccustomed to doing, you may need to reach for lengths that you’d only ever purchase in a mixed length tray.

Making a volume lash fan with tweezers

Mixed-Length Lash Trays

The Pros:

Versatility in Lash Styling

Mixed-length trays open a realm of creative possibilities. They allow you to tailor eyelash extensions to each client's natural lash pattern, and requested lash look, offering a more personalized result. Not only this, but as you’re not confined to a few particular lengths and can easily mix and match lengths that you may not typically use, you can achieve a more realistic enhancement that perfectly complements your clients' natural lashes.

Unleashing Creative Potential

For those who love to push the boundaries of lash artistry, mixed-length trays give you the opportunity to get creative. They enable you to experiment with different lengths, adding texture and uniqueness to your work. Not only can this help to expand you’re repertoire and portfolio, you will ensure that any client lash request is not out of their reach.

Picking up lash extensions with tweezers

Great for Beginners

If you’re a beginner Lash Tech who’s wanting to try out new styles and experience various lengths, mixed length trays will be perfect for you! As a beginner, you may also not have the biggest of client bases, so mixed trays will complement your current workload as you may not need to use an excessive amount of the same lengths as of yet. Experimenting with different lengths can also aid your training as having various lengths at your fingertips will help you to properly understand which length is perfect for each client and style.

The Downsides:

A Surpluss of Lashes

As we’ve previously mentioned, if you’re a Lash Tech who uses certain lash lengths frequently, this can lead to you having an abundance of lengths that you very rarely use. Obviously, mixed lengths are handy for when you need to use those uncommon lengths, but if you’re purchasing mixed trays just for a few specific lengths, it’s not worth it, and you may aswell stock up on single length trays in your most used lengths.

eyelash extensions on a strip

Why Not Embrace Both?

Why limit yourself? Why not have the best of both worlds? While stocking up on single-size trays is a cost-effective strategy for those frequently using specific sizes, having mixed-length trays on hand is ideal for creating varied lash effects. This dual approach allows for flexibility and ensures you're prepared for any client request. You can use single-length lashes for efficiency, then switch to mixed lengths for creative flair. Keeping both single and mixed-length lashes in your inventory enables you to cater to a wider range of client preferences and stay on top of lash trends. This approach offers a balance of speed, artistic expression, and helps to keep your stock inventory under control.

lash extensions set using easy fan lashes

In the showdown between single-length, mixed-length, or a combination of both, the choice is in your hands. Your decision will depend on your artistic vision, client needs, and level as a Lash Technician. While single-length trays offer consistency and allow you to budget and manage stock, mixed-length trays provide a canvas for creativity and versatility. Having both in your lash extension kit allows you to serve a diverse clientele and craft the perfect lash set for every client. All in all, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, both mixed lengths and single length trays can greatly benefit you!