Your Guide to Navigating Client Curiosities

In an era where a quick Google search can unveil a world of information, it's no shocker that your clients are turning to the internet with their burning questions about eyelash extensions. From the basics of how they work to the nitty-gritty of their care, there are tons of questions that need to be answered. At London Lash, our savvy team has scoured the web to uncover the most Googled questions about eyelash extensions. Our goal? To arm you with the knowledge to not only answer your clients' queries but to impress them with your expertise.

The mark of a sought-after Lash Technician often lies in their perceived knowledgeability. This can stem from the amount of courses they've attended, the confidence with which they discuss their treatments, or their ability to address questions clients haven't even thought to ask. Even just adding insightful content on your website or social media pages can truly amplify your expertise. Believe us, it makes a difference!

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What Are Eyelash Extensions Made Of?

Today's eyelash extensions are predominantly crafted from a synthetic fiber known as PBT, a type of plastic renowned for its use in wiring. This material is ideal for eyelash extensions due to its heat and water resistance and ability to maintain shape and mold into various lengths, thicknesses, and curls—a versatility well-represented in our product collections!

You've likely noticed that many lash brands categorize their offerings into "Mink" and "Silk." Historically, these were the materials of choice for lash extensions. However, the beauty industry has long since moved away from animal-derived materials in favor of cruelty-free alternatives. PBT not only sidesteps ethical concerns but also outperforms natural fibers in durability and hypoallergenic properties, ensuring a comfortable and ethical choice for consumers. It’s a win-win!

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Why Do We No Longer Use Real Mink and Silk?

  • Animal cruelty is something that has been shunned by beauty suppliers, consumers, and professionals for years now. If you weren’t already aware, Minks are small animals that look similar to ferrets and are known for their soft and cute fur, which has been sought after for aesthetic reasons. Silk, on the other hand, is a natural substance that comes from worms. However, the production of silk can overwork the worms that produce it. Even though worms may not be cute to all of us, we should still be kind to them.
  • While natural fibers are soft and comfortable, they do not hold their shape. For instance, if you curl straight hair with heat, it does not remain curly when wet. The same is true for fur.
  • PBT is a synthetic fiber that is hypoallergenic, meaning that no one is allergic to it. In contrast, people can easily be allergic to natural substances, which means that you have to consider a client's potential allergies to both glue and lashes.

These days, we might use the terms Mink and Silk to refer to the difference in appearance or texture of our lashes, with Mink being shiny and Silk being matte.

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How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

On average, semi-permanent eyelash extensions last 4 to 6 weeks. We recommend scheduling a lash fill appointment around the 3-week mark to maintain that fresh, full look and accommodate the natural eyelash growth cycle.

If you want to learn more about the hair growth cycle, and why your clients’ lash extensions are shedding, check out this blog post.

What's a Lash Fill?

Think of a lash fill as a maintenance stop. A few weeks post-application, as natural lashes shed and grow, your lash extensions may start to look sparse. An infill session adds new extensions to the freshly grown natural lashes, keeping them looking as lush and as full as day one.

Isolating colored lash extensions

Can You Wash Your Eyes With Lash Extensions?

Absolutely, and you should! Neglecting to clean your lash extensions can lead to buildup and, worse, infections. A clean lash line not only keeps your eyes healthy but also ensures your Lash Technician can focus on enhancing your lashes rather than cleaning them.

What’s the Difference Between Classic and Volume Lashes?

Classic lashes offer a one-to-one ratio, meaning that one lash extension is applied to one natural lash, giving a more natural, mascara-like effect. Russian Volume lash extensions, on the other hand, uses lighter, thinner lashes to create fans, ranging from 2D (two extensions) up to 20D (20 extensions in one fluffy fan!), that add dramatic volume without the weight. And then there's the Hollywood or American Volume, known for its glamorous, wispy finish, such as the Kim K or Kylie Jenner style. Each style has its place, depending on the look you're aiming for. We actually have a full blog post on the difference between Classic and Volume lashes if you want to take a peek!


Fun fact: Did you know that London Lash’s CEO, Hanna Putjato, was the first to teach Russian Volume in the UK? Well, it’s true! 

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Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes? Do They Hurt?

When applied correctly, lash extensions neither damage your natural lashes nor cause discomfort. In fact, many clients find the application process so relaxing they drift off to sleep!

If you've never had lashes before, your appointment will typically go as follows:

  • consultation to determine the type of look you desire.
  • Cleaning the lashes and the surrounding eye area to ensure that the lashes are free of dirt, makeup, oils, etc.
  • Isolating one natural lash at a time and attaching one extension/fan to it.
  • And then you wake up - wait?! Is that Beyonce!? Oh, no, it's just you looking Flawless*** with your new lashes (you woke up like this).

After the treatment, you shouldn't experience any pain or discomfort as the lashes have been isolated prior to application, so none should be stuck together. However, if you do experience a sticky, it may feel a bit like your eyelid is being pinched.

Can You Be Allergic to Eyelash Extensions?

While the extensions themselves are hypoallergenic, allergies to lash glue are possible. This is why a patch test is highly recommended! Learn more about allergies in our blog post!

Cleaning lash extensions with foaming lash shampoo

How Are Extensions Removed?

Professional removal is key! Attempting to remove lash extensions on your own can lead to significant damage, whether that be temporary or permanent. Your Lash Technician will use a specialized product to safely and effectively remove the extensions.

Lash removal is easy peasy, but you MUST go back to your technician to remove them, you simply cannot do it at home. Eyelash extension glue is incredibly strong and cannot be broken down by oils or any other household items that should never come in contact with your eyes. Yes, oily products will affect lash retention, but they won’t cause the lash extensions to simply slide straight off. The solution? Just get them removed by a professional. They will use a professional product that will break down the glue cleanly, leaving your lashes clean and naked in as little as 5 minutes.

Removing eyelash extensions before and after

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Now, this is a difficult one because eyelash extension treatments are priced differently all over the world. If you get your lashes done in a city center, it will be more expensive than in the suburbs. This is because the technician takes into account the cost of materials, their rent and bills, the time they spend on the treatment, and their level of skill while pricing their treatments. It's not because city dwellers can afford it more or because the technicians in the city center have ideas above their station.

All in all, Prices vary widely based on location, the technician's experience, and the style of lashes chosen. It's best to research local lash artists, review their work, and read client testimonials to find the best match for your budget and expectations.

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We hope this guide helps you navigate the questions your clients may have about eyelash extensions. Armed with this knowledge, you're not just their technician; you're their trusted lash guru!

With love,