Sustainability In Business: Why & How

It's a troubling reality that the beauty industry is responsible, as of 2022, for producing and discarding 120 million tonnes of single-use plastic annually, significantly harming landfills and oceans and disrupting ecosystems for thousands of years. But unfortunately, this is a fact.

For those who have been following us for a long time, you're likely aware of our dedication to reducing our share of plastic waste in this industry. Our goal is to mitigate the impacts of global warming and promote sustainability and thoughtfulness within our brand.

Reusable lash brush handles for lash extensions

What Have We Done So Far?

  1. We've achieved a 100% reduction in plastic usage in our lash trays, making them entirely recyclable! Our main collection boxes are free of magnets and UV spot print (the glossy, embossed feature on some packaging), allowing you to recycle the entire box after using the lashes. We're in the process of extending this practice across all our lash products.

  2. Our commitment extends to using recyclable glass for our pretreatment packaging, moving away from non-recyclable plastic. While there are instances where plastic is the only feasible option due to supply chain issues, we strive to minimize its use.

  3. We've also transitioned to more eco-friendly packaging for our shipments, including fully recyclable boxes and envelopes, and water-soluble foam nuggets that dissolve in water and don't take centuries to break down!

  4. Our latest initiative is particularly exciting. We're not only reducing our carbon footprint and dependence on single-use plastics, but also empowering you to do the same! We've replaced our plastic lip applicator-style brushes with metal-handled ones, significantly reducing waste as only the brush head is discarded. This change also applies to our silicone mascara wands, enhancing sustainability in our operations and helping our clients maintain their lashes sustainably at home.

  5. Our deliveries are also carbon-neutral! If you want to learn more about our sustainable delivery process, check out our Our Deliveries are Carbon Neutral blog post.

Reusable lash brushes

How Do Our Reusable Products Work?

You can buy a set of 5 reusable brush handles with matching brush heads (note that there are two types of handles, so you need to make sure to match them correctly). After completing a pretreatment stage, you can simply replace the brush head.

Rubber mascara wand

To encourage environmental awareness among your clients, why not consider retailing these reusable handles to them? You can replace their silicone brush head with each visit instead of giving them a new disposable mascara wand, similar to the concept of Starbucks' reusable cups versus single-use cups.

After using the brushes, you can remove the head with tweezers and dispose of it properly. Sanitize the handles as you would your lash tweezers, using sanitizing liquid, barbicide, or an autoclave. If you're selling these to clients, they can clean the handles with foam cleanser and warm water. After cleaning, ensure the handles are dried with the hole end facing down to avoid trapping water or cleaning fluid in the reservoir.

Reusable metal handles for lash brushes

 This small change is easy to implement, but it's these minor adjustments that can have a significant impact on our environment!