Discover the New Way to Shop with Lash Product Bundles! | The Ultimate Guide to Saving on Time and Money When Buying Lash Supplies

When you’re working a fast-paced job role, every second counts. So, finding ways to streamline your shopping process not only saves precious time but also allows you more freedom to focus on enhancing your craft, expanding your business, or simply unwinding. We’ve already introduced various time-saving products, such as our Easy Fanning lashesPremade lashes, and our innovative glue shaker. Now, we’re excited to bring you something even more efficient—our product bundles!

Product bundles might seem straightforward—a collection of complementary items that you can add to your cart in a single click. But there’s more to it than convenience. Let’s explore why these bundles are turning into essential tools for savvy beauty professionals.

Lash supplies in bundles to save money and time

Save Time

As a seasoned member of the team, I've spent so much time navigating our website, and can easily find the products I need. To test out the efficiency of our bundles, I timed how long it took to manually add items versus using a bundle. Manually, it took me about four minutes, which is already quite fast. However, using the bundle option only took 30 seconds! This difference might not seem significant at first, especially for someone familiar with our website like myself. But imagine the time saved for a newcomer or a beginner who isn't as acquainted with our website's layout and products

Typically, unfamiliar shoppers might spend extra time comparing products and learning about their features before making a purchase, which is totally understandable! While we love having visitors engage deeply with our site, we also understand the need for efficiency, especially for a Lash Tech. Bundles allow you to shop quickly and confidently, leaving more time for you to explore our educational resources, such as blog posts or YouTube tutorials…

Lash extension prep products in a money-saving bundle

Save Money

Purchasing products as a bundle can lead to substantial savings, up to 30% to be exact! For instance, buying items separately in our pretreatment bundle would cost $116, but when purchased as a bundle, the price drops to $86.99—a 25% saving. Similarly, our retention boosting duo, including the Booster and Superbonder, is offered at $56.99 in a bundle, compared to $82 when bought individually, saving you 30%. Moreover, bundling can be a way of trying new products for less, and can also help avoid the extra costs associated with expedited shipping when you need to reorder forgotten items.

Product bundles - lash extension supplies

Experience Better Shopping

Overall, lash product bundles enhance your shopping experience by being more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable. They ensure you get everything you need without missing a beat in your pretreatment routine. Whether you’re a seasoned Lash Technician or just starting out, our curated product bundles and expertly crafted resources are here to support your journey in the beauty industry.

Looking for more time-saving tips? Check out our glue subscription service and enjoy a 20% discount on regular glue prices!